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Effective communication skills are essential for working in health and social care - Essay Example

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Name Date Course Section/# The Underlying Importance of Communication in Healthcare Communication is essential in every interaction because it is through this process that an individual makes clear his/her thoughts and ideas. In health and social care, effective communication is necessary because there are certain conditions that greatly require the skill…
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Effective communication skills are essential for working in health and social care
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, it has been suggested that people working in health and social care environments should be able to organize a conversation for effective communication. When a speaker is organized, there would be a smooth flow of communication and the result would be an understanding between the people communicating. The health care provider must understand the conversation cycle and look for other means the patient may be communicating such as the use of non-verbal communication. Therefore, the worker should also be able to interpret and understand non-verbal communication. In addition, the caregiver should also understand cultural differences in order to understand what is being communicated by the patient and s/he would also know how to tell things to the patient. Asking questions is another skill that health and social care providers must be proficient in because they are able to bring out more necessary information about their clients through questioning. Lastly, they should also have listening skills, understanding what is said between the lines and not just grasping meanings from spoken words. There are indeed many facets of communication and these should be mastered for effective communication. ...
Although it is not specifically the intent of this brief research to discuss the level to which communications within healthcare and social care can affect each and every shareholder, it is worth mentioning, and will be briefly discussed, the level to which communications ultimately leads to a clearer and more nuanced approach to healthcare and social care even within the healthcare community and the many shareholders this ultimately represents. Although the term communications encompasses a great many mechanisms, theories, and constructs, the term itself, with relation to healthcare and social care can be simply defined as “the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve the quality of healthcare and social care provision” (BTEC 2010, p. 3). As such, communication within healthcare takes on a variety of forms in order to achieve a desired result. Perhaps the most useful mechanism of the way that health promotion takes place is by engaging the individual with the holistic nature of health. In this way, the overly used cliche – an ounce of cure is worth a pound of prevention comes into clear focus. It is this author’s belief that the holistic view of health is the most key and integral concept due to the fact that such an approach necessarily encompasses the other approaches – to include: the participatory nature of health, key/individual factors in promoting health, implementation of strategy to build health, and tallying key strengths/weaknesses to bolster overall health. In this way, promotion of the key concept of the holistic nature of health is a type of umbrella term that necessarily works to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effective Communication Skills Are Essential for Working in Health and Essay.
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