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Investigation of communication between people in health and social care - Essay Example

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Interpersonal communication is a humanizing factor that is an innate element of the nursing process (assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation) and of the communication that occurs between nurses and clients, and nurses and professional colleagues" (Bonnie).
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Investigation of communication between people in health and social care
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Extract of sample "Investigation of communication between people in health and social care"

Download file to see previous pages The behaviorist theory explains that every physical action or gesture is to be construed as an expression of behavior, this philosophy argues that every thing an organism does, including the thought process and feelings, should be considered as behavior.
Understanding and applying the behaviorist theory, by observing the actions of the patient in context of this theory, the Health Care Professional can better cater to the psychological requirements of the patient, which in turn can have a positive outcome in the treatment, and psychological management of the patient, while the patient is in a state of trauma due to an emotional incident or a life threatening ailment.
Cognitive theory can help decision making in nursing by providing a framework, which incorporates acquiring empirical data from patients and assimilating new cases with the older ones, investigating the methods which proved to be successful in the past, and identifying and applying those to newer cases.
The Psychoanalytical theory deals wit...
Verbal communication is the most important aspect of direct communication with the patients which involves nursing etiquette, and some other guidelines.
The nurse is expected to speak clearly with the patient, in a slow, even tome for the convenience of the patient , the nurse is expected to address the patient by his/her name to give an impression of individualistic care and attention, broadly it directs you to be gentle in your interaction with the patient.
Non-verbal form of communication suggests that while dealing with patients who are hard of hearing, along with speech, the nurse should use hands to accentuate the meaning.You can even write or draw out pictures for the convenience of patients who are deaf, or if the patient prefers a digital form of communication such as laptops, you can even arrange for that.
It is rudimentary to call a person by his/her name, whilst seeking attention of the patient and introducing yourself to the patient in the same way.
The patient should be included in the decision making process, this gives the patient the impression that he/she is in control of the situation. Only when the patient is ready to open up and express feelings should he/she be encouraged to do so, the patient should not be rushed into expressing intimate feelings. Patients should not be stereo-typed or prejudiced against in view of the values and beliefs they hold.
Inappropriate interpersonal communication is a subjective phenomenon and applies both to the nurse and the patient. In context of the nurse the use of inappropriate language should be avoided at all costs, intentionally or otherwise, the nurse needs to be cognizant of the fact that even his/her best attentions could be misinterpreted and cause mental stress ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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