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Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement: Crime Scene Investigations and Death Investigations - Research Paper Example

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Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement: Crime Scene Investigations and Death Investigations Abstract This research paper attempts to review the procedures that occur in murder crime scenes, including those that also have electronic crimes connected with the case…
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Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement: Crime Scene Investigations and Death Investigations
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Download file to see previous pages This paper attempts to show some of the problems that can occur along the path of an investigation, including those problems that arise in the courtroom trial. Table of Contents Introduction 3 1. First Steps: Securing and Protecting the Crime Scene 4 1.1. Recording the Evidence 7 1.2 Collection of Evidence 18 1.3 Final Survey and Closure of the Crime Scene 20 2. Problems and Issues 21 2.1 Reviewing Case Histories 21 2.2 Lack of Qualified Personnel 25 2.3 Continuing Education 26 2.4 Problems with Eyewitness Accounts 27 3. The Crime Lab and Forensic Disciplines 28 3.1 Biological Evidence Issues at the Crime Scene 29 3.2 The Body as Evidence 32 4. Electronic Crime Scene Procedure 35 4.1 Obtaining Warrants to Seize Evidence 35 4.2 Securing and Documenting the Scene 36 5. Further Discussions 41 5.1 The Logic Tree 36 6. Conclusion 40 Appendix 43 References 47 Introduction With the population of television shows dealing with criminal activity, either real or imagined, the public has taken on quite a bit of ‘knowledge’ about what goes on when investigating a crime scene and dealing with all the varied components of forensics (“Bones”) and the DNA left behind by the perpetrators. ...
That also means that if evidence or the crime scene itself is contaminated in any way, then a potential conviction will get thrown out the door. Consequently, there are a number of problems that can occur at any given point along the way in a crime scene investigation which this research will examine. In today’s world of electronic and scientific advances, much of this new technology has been applied to the detailing of evidence in any criminal investigation. Even social media phenomenon such as Facebook and other social media outlets, have also turned into a way for criminal investigators to track down evidence that can be applied in building a case against a suspected criminal. It may be as simple as whether the criminal was astute enough to know how to work the settings in Facebook so as to not be tracked at a certain location at a particular point in time – or not. Or maybe a suspect carelessly ranted online about a certain professor at his college and two days later, that professor is dead. Such things as that rant can be applied to incriminate a likely suspect. Yet the crime scene evidence must also back that up with evidence or else there is no real case, only suspicion. Subsequently, the procedures of processing a crime scene must be adhered to in order to build the case in profiling a suspect, and finally, to convict him or her. A crime scene can be different from one case to the next such a room with blood spatters, or a telephone booth used on a regular basis for making drug-related calls, or in just finding a cell phone with phone numbers on it leading to private numbers of people in the local mafia. Accordingly, how long one spends there depends on the crime case itself and in backtracking to other points within the criminal investigation such as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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