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The Practice of Orthopedic Practitioners - Case Study Example

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The paper 'The Practice of Orthopedic Practitioners' presents the need for ethics, values, and also the nature of knowledge that is required for the practice of orthopedic practitioners. The author demonstrates many literature reviews so that the arguments can be substantiated…
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The Practice of Orthopedic Practitioners
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Extract of sample "The Practice of Orthopedic Practitioners"

Download file to see previous pages The student joins the ward nurse, leaving her patient alone. When she returns to talk to the patient about her issues, the patient does not want to talk to her.
It is obvious that the patient does feel ignored by the student nurse. The reaction of the patient clearly demonstrates this fact. The reason for this attitude may be that the patient may have wanted to discuss something and thought that a nurse could be a good listener. However, the patient was obviously greatly disappointed by the attitude of the student nurse. The student nurse could also not have done anything. This was because she was a junior nurse and it might have been hard for her to say no to the ward nurse.

Reflective practice, according to Bolton (2001), refers to a scenario where a certain person is required to use his/her set of abilities to take a decision in a critical situation. For Brookfield (1990), these situations may be different for each person but whoever the person or whatever the situation, the way the person analyses the situation and deals with the problem at hand is important. Cowan’s (1999) study also argues that learners are more reflective when they attempt to evaluate one or more personal experiences and apply the same thinking to other situations. Hence, reflective practice may be understood as something that enhances the capabilities of the person concerned in such a way that it promotes autonomous learning. Through reflective practice, as a result, the person is more aware and experienced about the situation at hand and is in a better position to deal with it, as Atkins and Murphy (1994) relate. It is important that the practitioners in every profession are able to assess their strengths and weaknesses through reflective practices and are able to distinguish the areas where they may need to improve, according to Dewey. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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