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The introduction of the report gives an overview of the welfare state including the purpose for its introduction. It examines the development…
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Applied sociology: welfare and Health
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Download file to see previous pages It gives analysis regarding the extent to which the state intervention is necessary to promote social welfare. This is supported by various theories and models applied to determine the efficiency of implementing welfare state and assessing it the outcome.
The body of the report examines the various reforms that taken place since its inception. This analysis includes political, social and economic conditions that necessitated the establishment and reforms of welfare states. It gives central focus on the influence of various theories of the social welfare. Marxism, liberalism and neoliberalism are considered as the most influential theories that support the development of welfare states. The political parties such as liberal, conservative and Democrat played significance roles in the development and reformation of the welfare state. Furthermore, non-governmental organisations and individuals had made significant changes to the welfare state (Sines, Forbes-Burford & Saunders. 2013).
The report also delves into various effects the British welfare provision has on health inequality about social class gender or inequality. This examines various effects of the welfare of the social classes. This involves using various models used to evaluate the inequality of health outcome among groups from different social class (Nolan, 2001). There are various models applied, in this case, such as psycho-social, materialistic, behavioural and life-course models. The materialistic model examines how accessibility or lack of relevant basic needs can make one indulge in risky life such as poor diet and housing. Behavioural model examines the effects of social class on human behaviour such as consumption of drugs, smoking, etc. psycho-social model focuses on the effects of work-related issues or pressure from work or the degree of autonomy and their effects on social class (Nolan, 2001). Are those in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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