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Comparison of the British welfare system with the USA welfare system and the China welfare system - Essay Example

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Welfare system generally refers to the structured system of the government of any country to aid the public in living a comfortable and healthy social life.The developed and developing nations of the world like Britain,U.S,and China have a distinct and unique welfare system which serves the purpose of their citizens…
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Comparison of the British welfare system with the USA welfare system and the China welfare system
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Extract of sample "Comparison of the British welfare system with the USA welfare system and the China welfare system"

Download file to see previous pages Welfare system generally refers to the structured system of the government of any country to aid the public in living a comfortable and healthy social life. The developed and developing nations of the world like Britain, U.S, and China have a distinct and unique welfare system which serves the purpose of their citizens. It is very essential to compare the welfare system of these three countries in order to understand their respective strengths and weaknesses These three countries have their good and bad aspects in the way their provide public assistance to the welfare of their societies. Nevertheless, a comparison of the welfare system of these nations’ gives a general idea about how organised and well structured is their government’s strategies and planning The welfare systems of these three countries are compared as they are huge countries with credible economic and social development. These countries being wide in area and huge in economical development need to assure about their considerable hand in health and well being of its citizens. Britain is known to be a wealthiest nation, and when compared U.S, and China, the former has a better public assistance and welfare system. According to Elliott(2010)“The UK welfare system is designed to help that in need live a dignified existence. The biggest proportion of benefits claimants are the unemployed, people with disabilities, and elderly pensioners” The process of comparison is initiated by analysing the common features of the welfare system of the three countries...
It is a fortunate fact that countries like Britain, U.S. and china have a definite health care system which takes care of the health of the people in poverty level. The health of a poor citizen depends on different factors such as environmental condition, biological factor of a person, nutrition and standard of living of that person. In UK, studies have shown that ill health is found mostly among children and adult’s lower class of people .The health care system in Britain is classified as hospital care, primary care, public health. “The United Kingdom provides health care to residents through the government's National Health Service”. (NHS). These are also an act from the government to socially protect its citizen who is poor from ill health and from physical degradation” (Wolf, 2010). U.S. being the largest economy of the world has their own extensive health care from the part of the government. Nevertheless the poor people are less satisfied and receptive of the healthcare system of the country. As per Heskett(2007)“The U.S. health is currently costs about $2 trillion per year, and, of this, more than $600 billion (31 percent) is never seen by recipients as it mainly goes for administration. On a per capita basis, it is roughly $280 billion which is spent for administration process and it is a saddening fact”. When it comes to China , their health care system is evolving rapidly as the country’s economic development is booming consistently The government is considering on preventive measure that on curative methods to treat the health of locals and urban population who are at poverty line. b) Pension system and old aged Britain has an extensive pension system which is different from the pension ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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