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A Reflection on the Performance in a Professional Environment - Essay Example

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The essay entails enormous consideration into UK laws attaching on the exposure of confidential information regarding the patients’ health conditions and how it has affected my role as a health worker in the UK. It also highlights on the touchy past issues entrenched in the confidentiality part…
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A Reflection on the Performance in a Professional Environment
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"A Reflection on the Performance in a Professional Environment"

Download file to see previous pages It profoundly presents my own and entailed. Professional development, comprehensive understanding of legal and entailed ethical foundations concerned with confidentiality and entailed reflection on attitude and behavior that recurrently impact on daily service delivery processes. The reflexive essay entails enormous consideration into UK laws attaching on the exposure of confidential information regarding the patients’ health conditions and how it has affected my role as a health worker in the UK. It also highlights on the touchy past issues entrenched in the confidentiality part (Great Britain & Amy, 2012, p75).
According to UN Economic Commission for Europe, 2009, confidentiality is an entrenched obligation and mandatory to any provider of certain data or information to highly maintain the privacy of the information (Tranberg & Rashbass, 2004, p79). Thus in professional requirements, all the agencies entailed in a collection of information from different people or even organizations have an astounding role and entailed legal or consequent ethical liability to ensure that they timely respect the privacy or secrecy of the people providing the information (Clark & Mcghee, 2008, p73). In similar proportions, the entailed individuals or organizations are not identified in any disseminated dataset and also there is a concurrent and vivid difference in the connection between confidentiality and privacy. While undertaking my personal roles I have learned of the importance of confidentiality as a failure or breach of confidentiality or entailed disclosure of patients’ information which has the potentials of intruding into his or her privacy as a person or even associated an organization (Anderson, 1997, p96). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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