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Orientation Phase of Nursing - Essay Example

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The essay “Orientation Phase of Nursing” asserts that before starting treatment, the nurse should establish a trusting relationship with the patient, healthy boundaries and confidentiality in the relationship and specify all the nuances of the upcoming treatment…
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Orientation Phase of Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages The stages of interpersonal relationships were initially four that include orientation, identification, exploitation, and resolution phases. However, the steps later reduced to three after further studies and analysis. The second phase now combined both the identification and exploitation phases. These two aspects combined, therefore, became known collectively as the working phase. This paper, however, only discusses the orientation phase.
This is the first phase of the interpersonal process as was explained by Peplau. It is at this stage where the patient first meets the nurse. At this point, the nurse and patient are still total strangers. This first meeting always brings with it a lot of anxieties, from both the nurse and the patient. It is the nurse’s responsibility to alleviate the anxiety that grips them before proceeding any further (Boyd, 2007). This is important in establishing a therapeutic environment.
Mary Boyd states that this is the session where the nurse discusses the patient’s expectations and explains the purpose of their relationship. It gives a clear definition of the roles, goals, and limitations of the relationship. In short, the nurse sets limits that have to adhere to throughout the relationship. The boundaries are however subject to flexibility depending on the situation.
In practical situations where the nurse has to draft a session attendance schedule for the patient, the nurse should also spell out the guidelines on how to handle cases of missed sessions and lateness.   The handling should be in such a way that it alienates the patient. The nurse should understand that this could be a means by which the patient tests the relationship (Boyd, 2007). It is important to gain the patient’s acceptance and develop trust. This is achieved by maintaining consistency and continually encouraging the patient, both verbally and non-verbally, to express themselves. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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