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According to Wyckoff, Houghton & LePage (2009) a Family Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse who mainly focuses on promoting health and minimizing chances of disease among children and elderly people. This professional also identifies and comes up with a treatment plan for…
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Nurse Practitioner
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Nursing practitioner due: According to Wyckoff, Houghton & LePage (2009) a Family NursePractitioner is a registered nurse who mainly focuses on promoting health and minimizing chances of disease among children and elderly people. This professional also identifies and comes up with a treatment plan for diseases (p.548). After I graduate from my medical education, I want to work in a clinic setting, because, it involves helping a lot of people in the community by promoting health and treatment. My specialty area will be Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). I aim to perform the role of providing direct health care services, as a nurse practitioner. This entails following up on my patients’ well being, as per the clinical guidelines (Hollier, A., & Hensley, 2011). This role will display the dedication I have towards health promotion, disease prevention and treatment, as working in a clinic setting is my passion.
The type of organization I expect to practice my nursing profession is a clinical setting. A clinic setting is a health care facility that is focused on the health of patients, with intent of serving the community. The clinic provides a variety of health care services and treatment.
It is essential to have clinical experience so as to work in a clinical organization. In order to obtain clinical experience, I have learnt that I have to be involved and dedicated in the health care center. My education as a nursing professional has sharpened my clinical skills, thus giving me a chance to practice clinical medicine; that is to help the doctor when examining a patient. As a registered FNP, I will perform duties like physical examinations to patients, obtain health histories, diagnosis, and to prescribe treatment aimed in improving the patients’ conditions. Moreover, I will also perform functional, development, and psychosocial assessment (Wyckoff et al., 2009). This means that at times I will work together with a doctor, and at other times completely independent of a doctor. As an Independent and advanced nurse practitioner, I purpose to come up with perfect solutions for my future workforce. Thus, I will promote the best health care practices and service (Hollier & Hensley, 2011).
The Florida Board of Nursing will support my role in the clinical setting that I expect to work. This is based on the fact that this board will license my nursing profession. The board will support my role of nursing in the clinical organization by ascertaining that I am a qualified medical practitioner with the appropriate skills that are required. It will also ensure that my nursing services meet the requirements need in the clinical organization. The Florida Board of Nursing endorses the Nurse Practice Act by making sure that all registered practicing nurses meet the requirements for safe medical practices, ensuring proper health services for the populace of Florida (Florida Department of Health, 2014).
In conclusion, as a family nurse practitioner, I aim to offer health care to a large and wide range of patients. This area of expertise conveys inclusive primary care to patients of all age groups. My role as a nurse practitioner as per my education background of course studies will help me be able to interpret any medical situation also being a registered nurse practitioner will help have a fulfilling profession in the field of medicine.
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