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Watcher Goldman & Hollander (2005) stated that, surgeries are considered as the last options in most cases after other treatments have failed. This happens because it is not a…
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Download file to see previous pages The oteoclasts have osteoblasts that are replicating to come up with a bone density and mass, if heavy weights fall on them, or dislocate, they are at a greater risk of getting the fractures.
Hansen & Puder (2009) stated that in the elderly, the bones become weak as they advance in age in postmenopausal phase. Then, a process called osteoporosis occurs. Hip fractures are common in females because of depleted estrogen levels which predispose them to fractures. By this it means, the bone mass and density gets depleted and in turn leaves it weak.
Bentley (2009) notes that, one will know they have hip fractures when they experience pain that starts in the groin or upper thigh. The pain makes the patient walk or may be unable to walk depending on the severity. For pediatrics, they cry a lot and seek attention. Since they do not talk, it may be difficult to tell what they are suffering from, but can point the areas affected.
Leroith, Taylor & olefsky (2004) noted that, in the promotive aspect, both gamma nailing, also known as the sliding hip screw is a prosthetic device that is considered to be the best implant for hip fractures, Babhulkar & Tanna (2013).
Ben david (2000) stated that, inguinal hernia “means there is an opening in the muscle wall that does not close, and leaves a weak area in the belly muscle.” Inguinal surgery help enhance a healthy lifestyle for the individuals. In rehabilitation, the individuals are helped to continue with their activities of daily living if not all, but at least partially and this prevents overdependence. Others get cured from the condition completely unless they provoke the recurrence. An example of this is the inguinal surgery. One presents with a bulge in the groin and complains of round lump feeling, accompanied with acute pain that is on and off.
According to Heimlich (1962), he stated that, it is good to note that the surgical team, that is the Operating Department Practitioners (ODP) Hattis (2013). , should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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1111857 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 Words - 1.
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