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In particular, the clinical management plan provides a regulatory framework that a supplementary prescriber would prescribe a given medication under…
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Critical analysis of clinical management plan (CMP)
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Download file to see previous pages Typically, following the discussion of the clinical management plan, it is expected that either the independent or supplementary prescriber can write a copy of a plan prior to the beginning of a supplementary process.
Additionally, Tomar (2008, 274) accentuates that a supplementary prescriber should take the responsibility of assessing and overseeing the treatment plan in line with the information provided on the clinical management plan; this include prescribing a drug among the drugs that are stated in the clinical management plan. This report is set to analyze critically a clinical management plan with respect to a patient that was initially prescribed the intravenous caomoxiclav after experiencing a dog’s bite; this was followed by a prescription of an oral coamoxicla after the supplementary prescriber found out that the condition had improved.
A patient was bitten by a dog, and sustained minor injuries. However, after three days, the patient presented a sustained a punctured wound on the right forearm for a minor injury to the Accident and Emergency department. The wound was associated with a swelling, redness and pain. A diagnosis of the condition revealed that the patient was infected with cellulitis (Allan, Atkinson and Agada, 2013, p.1159). Although a dog bite is normally treated with oral coamoxiclav, the delay in presentation to a minor injury led the independent prescriber to prescribe an intravenous coamoxiclav antibiotic, as well as put lined mark on the redness with a recommendation to return for a review the following day (Asherson, 2011). However, the condition of the patient improved given that the redness and swelling reduced notably; the patient was directed to switch from the intravenous coamoxiclav antibiotic to an oral antibiotic. The patient is a female and office clerk of 30 years. Historically, the patient described that he is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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