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Proposed change - Essay Example

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According to National Center for Biotechnology information (NCBI), healthcare-associated infection because of poor hand hygiene and cross infection account for a whopping 80,000 death per year in the country. On the global view of this rather preventable menace is even starting…
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Proposed change
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Download file to see previous pages that hand, hygiene is universally acknowledged by several organization such as, World Health Organization (W.H.O), and Center for Disease Control (C.D.C), as the main requirement for cross infection. The effect the following strategies will be employed to ensure that hand hygiene is implemented to the letter to control cross infection (White, 2012pp.304)
Several communication strategies will be employed to ensure that hand hygiene is not only initiated but also complied and strongly adhered to. Firstly, hand hygiene will be made a policy before any procedure is done to the patient or on anything since cross infection come in any form. This will form a breech in any case the policies on hand hygiene that are written and communicated to staff are end up reneged. By doing this, discipline will be instilled to the staff that just decide to be reckless.
Another area that is important to ensure effective communication is by examining the organizational or institutional culture for this case is the hospital. Organization culture plays a pivotal role in facilitating and supporting effective communication across. In this case, communication should have open channels; there should be transparency and trust. This will ensure mutual trust between those who are the target of communication. The objective is to change their habitual character of poor hand hygiene. Still on the organization culture, there is a need to have leadership support. Health care teams need strong leadership to ensure that whatever is communicated is implemented. The policies and procedure earlier communicated will only be implemented if only there is strong leadership. Strategy here is strengthening the organizational leadership first.
On the education of the health care team, the educator must do the following as the strategy of giving a thoughtful education to the health care staff to have an impact on implementing hand hygiene. One there must be a clearly stated links between the communication and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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