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The Impact of Private Education On Expatriate Teachers In Saudi Arabia - Research Proposal Example

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The foreign teachers who are employed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have to encounter a completely different environment than they are used to. The research problem is therefore to assess the overall impact of private educational job on expatriate teachers in Saudi Arabia…
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The Impact of Private Education On Expatriate Teachers In Saudi Arabia
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"The Impact of Private Education On Expatriate Teachers In Saudi Arabia"

Download file to see previous pages The main objectives of this study are: to gauge the emotional, social and financial impact on the expatriate teachers of their jobs in private educational institutes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; to explore the difficulties that they may have faced due to the changed educational system; to assess if there has been any change in the teaching methods of the expatriate teachers, and if they intended to adapt the changes when they return to teaching in their native countries.
The current study proposes to use a descriptive research method that helps in elaborating upon the existing state of affairs. This study is hoped to be designed so that the data collected is authentic and accurate. In order to ensure this, both the secondary data, via a literature review, and primary data, through a questionnaire are to be used. A rigid research design is to be adopted to reduce bias and improve reliability. For this a sample is to be selected on the basis of convenience sampling, and data collected via interview method using an open ended questionnaire. The data collection is qualitative in nature as the responses are proposed to be recorded by the researcher verbatim and later analyzed, again using a qualitative approach. The sample for the current research will be taken from among the expatriate teachers community living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The teachers who are proposed to be included in the study would be from elementary schools, high schools and colleges and would have spent between 1 to 5 years in Saudi Arabia. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Impact of Private Education On Expatriate Teachers In Saudi Arabia Research Proposal.
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