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Health Critique - Essay Example

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  This essay discusses the term health can be defined as state of complete physical, mental and social well being. Noting is the fact that proper use of health communication strategies in conjunction with advanced health information delivery technology promotes and achieves quality health care. …
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Health Critique
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Download file to see previous pages Practically, when a nurse is attending to a patient, proper communication relationship will influence 100% patient audience and awareness concerning the health issue. The nurse will be able to influence the positive attitude of the patient towards the health issue hence the patient gets motivated and hope for quick recovery.
According to Dahlgren and Whitehead’s 1991 model, it is evident that sociological factors broadly affect and determine the health practice of an individual. According to the model, there are various factors that influence individual health which as socially related. The model broadly and clearly describes social-ecological theories towards proper health practice (Whitehead and Dahlgren, 2005). The main objective of the model is to map-out possibilities of the relationship between an individual, their environment, and diseases (Whitehead and Dalhgren, 2005).
In relation to the video, it is evident that personal behavior and way of living is a major factor affecting the health of the patient. Poor personal behavior and bad choice of a peer is one of the greater social determinants towards proper health practices. In reality, most people fall victim to health issues due to a poor social relationship. For example, the choice to smoke is a personal decision that can be triggered by poor choices of friends. Peer influence is a major determinant of health in a society. This is because it is known that many people fall victim to serious health issues; for example drug abuse due to bad peer choice.
On the other hand, societies with responsible peer groups do face fewer health issues that are socially unacceptable.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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