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Personal and professional values - Essay Example

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Values have a very significant influence on our individual actions, towards other people, and also affect the way we form our attitudes towards different situations in life. The impact of values in an…
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Personal and professional values
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Download file to see previous pages Coincidences bring a young man, at his early twenties young brother to a hospital where his sister works as a nurse. The young man arrives with two bullet wounds, one to his chest and another to his lower abdomen region. His sister’s personal and professional values are put in the test as she is trying to decide between self-restrain, and totally showing how she really feels. The reasonable action to be expected from the nurse is a total breakdown and emotional display since it is her brother who has been shot. Contrary to this, the nurse exhibits the value of self-control and acts in a manner that suggests she is aware of the personal and professional values. A second value that manifests its self from this situation is human dignity. Dignity signifies that any being has the right to be valued and receive ethical treatment. A young man, who is in extreme pain, has the right to be handled with care to ensure the pain is eased and he is comfortable, and the sister does just that.
Having prior knowledge of the personal and professional values, the sister nurse was aware of what decisions to save the life of his young brother. Self-restrain enabled her to put her emotions aside and concentrate in trying to make her brother feel better. Self-control enabled her to hold back her grief and fear of losing her brother and concentrate on the vital issue of nursing him back to a stable nature. Human dignity allowed her to respond in an appropriate manner to a brother who was in a difficult situation. Instead ofshading tears at the sight of him, she made the decision to help him first because his suffering was more important than just her sensitive display that would not help anyone. The two values were really paramount in swaying towards the right decisions (Dolgoff et al., 2009).
The described event required a showcase of the highest order of personal values. The fact that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal and Professional Values Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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