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Of Purpose. The social work profession - Personal Statement Example

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Statement of Purpose Author Institution Statement of Purpose The social work profession involves working with socially excluded persons, especially those who may be experiencing crisis situations. The core role of social workers encompasses providing the required support, which will assist the service users to make positive changes in their lives…
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Statement of Purpose. The social work profession
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Download file to see previous pages The settings of social work practice may include hospitals, the homes of service users, schools, and other voluntary organizations (Horne, 1999). In my human service experiences and interactions with others, I have incorporated the values of social work in numerous ways. In the practice of my profession, I have paid significant attention to the social work values of service, dignity and worth of the person, social justice, integrity, importance of human relationships and competence (Sue, 2005). I have always held dear the social work value of service based on the reason that the primary goal of my profession is to help those in need to address the social problems, which they may be facing. As the social work value of service to clients purports, social workers should volunteer some of their professional skills with no expectation of financial return. I have successfully done this since I have assisted most of my clients without any expectation of getting returns from them. Another core social work value includes social justice, which is based on the ethical principle that social workers should challenge social injustice (Vass, 1996). In my experience and interactions with others, I have pursued change on behalf of the oppressed and vulnerable persons in society. While working with diverse groups of persons, I have realized the need to acknowledge their ethnic, as well as cultural diversity. In the practice of social work profession, social workers should respect the dignity and worth of the person. As such, social workers should aim at treating clients and all persons in a respectful and caring manner (Turner, 2011). I have held this value to the latter; I have always promoted the self determination of clients in the decisions they make. In a socially responsible manner, I have sought to resolve the conflicts between client interests and interests of the broader society. Integrity can be regarded as one of the core values in the practice of social work; social workers have the obligation to behave in a manner that seems trustworthy (Shardlow, 2004). In my experiences with clients and interactions with people, I have always acted in line with the mission, ethical principles, values, and ethical standards of social work. I have acted responsibly and honestly; I have achieved this by promoting ethical principles and practices of the profession. In my human service experiences and interactions with people, I have recognized the significance of human relationships. I have assisted clients to understand that the relationships they have with people play an essential role in change. Moreover, I have strived to strengthen the relationships between people. This has allowed me to enhance, restore, and promote the wellbeing of families, individuals, and social groups. In my interactions with people and human service experience, I have successfully become competent in the field of social service. This has allowed me to enhance and develop the professional practice of my profession. Competence has increased my professional skills as well as knowledge; I plan to apply these in practice. I have had significant life experiences and relationships in giving help; these experiences motivated me to pursue social work. Social work entails working with clients at various levels, especially the needy, in order to improve their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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