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In the paper “The Reflective Manager” the author analyzes the three major pillars of reflective leadership that would result in a relationship-based organization. They are careful observation, self-awareness and flexible response. The principle of self-awareness is to understand their strengths…
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The Reflective Manager
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Download file to see previous pages Reflective leadership has not only been found to result in organizational growth and development but also translates into personal growth of managers and subordinates. Reflective leadership and leadership knowledge can, therefore, be effectively applied to improve one’s work performance on leadership (Downey et al., 2009). Although it might take a lot of time, weeks or even months for a reflective manager to enter the minds of his/her employees in motivating them to share his/her vision, practicing one’s reflective skills, reflecting and learning could be helpful in making a manager skilled in inculcating a culture of rapid change in an organization (Downey et al., 2009). A quick succession of rapid culture change, however, occurs only in organizations in which a series of small changes consistent with organizational and business priorities are implemented. There are certain circumstances or times during which it is best to be reflective including after a management task while walking around. Importantly, reflecting on a management task, action or decision should be done on the same day the task has been performed (Downey et al., 2009). The reflection may be about the goal that was set out to be achieved and how the same goal was achieved. The plan by which the goals were achieved should also be compared with the theories on reflective leadership and the necessary changes or improvements executed.
Although many managers and leaders ignore them, theories are tools of great importance as far as management and leadership are concerned. These theories should be put to practice by setting some time away from the work to think about what has been achieved on the floor, taking into account what went well and wrong. In addition, a manager should take this time to overview own perceptions and reactions and those of other employees. There are certain vital points that a manager or leader should note while walking around the work floor reflecting on his activities of the day. These points include the fact that such reflective walks as important floodgates for all the pent up issues encountered at the floor such as employee complaints and frustrations (Downey et al., 2009). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Reflective Manager Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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