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Reflective Manager - Essay Example

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The environment in which the businesses are operating these days has changed drastically from simple and less competitive form to extremely dynamic and ever changing type. Hence, in order to survive in today’s competitive environment, the managers have to ensure that the way…
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Reflective Manager
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Download file to see previous pages they can bring change in the business operations and by their support to the management they will be able to enhance the productivity of the organisation.
In order to make a learning organisation, it is the responsibility of management and employees of the organisation to divert their focus from reflective practitioner at individual level to reflective form of organisation (Hoyrup, 2004). In the last couple of years, many researchers have conducted studies on the role of reflection and reflective practices in the organisation’s performance; some studies have focused on the theories of such practices (Amulya, 2003, Brockbank & McGill, 2007, Frook et al., 2007 and Svensson et al., 2008) while some have studied their implications in various forms of organisations (Confer et al., 2010, Deakin, 2012, Drefyus & Drefyus, 2005, Finlay, 2008, Greener, 2008, Vince & Saleem, 2004, Walsh, 2010).
However, the most extensive works have been done by Vince (2005) and Walsh (2010) who has focussed on the traditional and modern ways for implications of reflection and reflective practices in all types of organisations that are working in distinctive fields. Hence, it is rightly stated by Walsh (2009) that it is crucial for the management and managers of the organisation to equip themselves with the various forms of reflective practices that are happening in the real world and make changes in their organisations so that they are compatible with the latest market trends and the structure supports the format required for organisational learning.
The researchers have been unable to give exact definition of the term ‘Reflection’ as it is composed of numerous concepts. The primary aim of reflection is to help the thinkers do critical analysis of the situations or problems that are being encountered in the organisations. The managers are encouraged to identify the problem areas, think about the remedial situations available and then select and implement the strategy alongwith ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflective Manager Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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