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Hayes and other researchers in the research named as Nurse Turnover: A Literature Review conduct a research on the workplace issue of nurse turnover rate. In this research they sort to define the concept of nurse turnover and conduct a research on the various reasons due to…
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Workplace Issues or Disaster Management (PLEASE CHOOSE ONE TOPIC)
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Nurse Turnover Nurse Turnover Hayes and other researchers in the research d as Nurse Turnover: A Literature Review conduct a research on the workplace issue of nurse turnover rate. In this research they sort to define the concept of nurse turnover and conduct a research on the various reasons due to which nurses quit their work settings and the outcomes of nurse turnover.
In this research the researchers conclude that nurse turnover has a negative impact on the economy and the financial costs associated with this workplace issue (Hayes, 2006, p.244). They figured out that nurse turnover has both direct and indirect cost. Direct cost includes the amount of money a health care facility spends to conduct the process of hiring, recruiting and orientation. Indirect costs that a health care facility pays due to nurse turnover are the costs of decreased productivity, training, retraining and terminating nursing officials. In their research they even figure out that nurse turnover even impacts professionals of the nursing in a negative manner. One of the issues that nurses experience due to turnover of nurses is the increased amount of burden on nurses which results in negatively impacting the wellbeing of the nurses.
In this research the researchers figured out those nurse turnover even impacts patients in a negative manner. Their studies showed that the quality of care decreases and risk of safety of patients increases as nurse turnover rate increases. This is because nurse turnover results in increased amount of burden on limited number of nurses, due to increased burden, nurse ends up making mistake and pose a risk to the health of the patients. This study further figured out that there was a direct link between nursing staffing levels and the time period for which patients stay in the health care setting, the rate of complications experienced by patients and probability of rescuing patients. They figured out that health care settings where the number of nurses employed are and the mix of skills are high results in positively impacting patients.
Several legal issues have been stated within the research that might arise due to increase in nurse turnover. One of these legal issues may be increased number of lawsuits filed by the patient’s family if lower staff levels threaten the security and the wellbeing of the patients. If health care facilities fail to provide adequate amount of care due to shortage of nursing staff, they might be charged under both criminal and civil suit and any one of the suits. The reputation of the nursing facility may experience damaging conditions if nurses fail to provide timely care and decreased amount of nursing facilities might result in decreased amount of goodwill of the health care facility.
The study conducted by Hayes et al. showed various consequences of lower staff levels and increased nurse turnover, these issues may impact the nurses, patients, health care facility and might result in monetary losses and can even lead to legal issues. The issue has been researched by many and health care facilities and policy makers need to address this workplace issue.
Hayes, L. J., O’Brien-Pallas, L., Duffield, C., Shamian, J., Buchan, J., Hughes, F., Spence, L. H. K., ... Stone, P. W. (February 01, 2006). Nurse turnover: A literature review. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 43, 2, 237-263. Read More
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