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Summary of the Article: The article entitled “Nursing Workforce Retention: Challenging A Bullying Culture” written by Stevens (2002) and published in Health Affairs proffered pertinent issues relative to cases of intimidation or bullying in a large teaching hospital in…
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Workplace issues or disaster management
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Workplace Issues: “Nursing Workforce Retention: Challenging A Bullying Culture” al Affiliation “Nursing Workforce Retention: Challenging A Bullying Culture”
Summary of the Article: The article entitled “Nursing Workforce Retention: Challenging A Bullying Culture” written by Stevens (2002) and published in Health Affairs proffered pertinent issues relative to cases of intimidation or bullying in a large teaching hospital in Australia. Due to the alleged oppression persistently faced by nurses in this organization, there had been apparent high turnover and the hospital faced challenges in recruiting replacements, as well as ensuring maintenance and retention of nursing staff. The author initially presented a theoretical framework discussion issues that related retention and bullying, as well as the reported organizational culture that was deemed contributory to exacerbation of the issue by being indifferent or not addressing these concerns. Steven (2002) confirmed that the workplace issue of intimidation or bullying has pervaded the nursing profession for a considerable length of time: “bullying behavior has occurred within the nursing profession across a variety of institutional settings, including nursing faculties and professional bodies, for at least seventy-five years” (Stevens, 2002, p. 190). The author was reported to be part of the investigation team. The nurses who were victims of intimidated reported cases of supervisors who “regularly yelled at the nurse in front of other staff and patients, withheld information she needed to perform her duties, and excluded her from meetings and social functions. Others were given the “silent treatment” (talking to them through third parties, talking about them as if they were not present). Continual criticism of a person’s work, personal appearance, and voice was another type of behavior reported by nurses in the survey” (Stevens, 2002, p. 190). Through the initiation of management, the intimidation and bullying were appropriately addressed, which eventually resulted in lower turnover.
Financial Impact on the Organization: The workplace issues on intimidation or bullying have financial impact on the organization in terms of the high turnover rates where were evident. Due to the need to frequently recruit new nurses to replace those who resigned due to intimidation or bullying, the hospital spends more in terms of high acquisition and training costs. These costs take a toll in terms of minimizing the organization’s profits.
Personnel Impact: There are significant impacts in terms of personnel through exhibiting lower morale, low job satisfaction, and low productivity as a result of intimidation or bullying. Since the nurses are frequently stressed, dissatisfied and harassed, they would rather leave the organization and find other employment opportunities where their skills and knowledge on healthcare would be more appreciated.
Patient Care: The intimidation and bullying would have an indirect effect on patient care through the stress, anxiety, low job satisfaction and low morale exemplified by affected nurses. As such, the patients under their care would not be appropriately accorded with high quality patient care since these nurses are distracted from doing their responsibilities. Likewise, the situation would increase tendencies for these nurses to commit medication errors in the work setting, which could be significantly detrimental to the patients under their care.
Reputation of the Hospital: As a result of the bullying and intimidation, the nurses who resigned and were victimized would most likely spread the negative news to others and would thereby tarnish the reputation and image of the hospital. This is not good since this was noted to be a large teaching hospital and a negative reputation would indicate that the organization was not effective in practicing what they teach.
Legal Ramifications: There were potentials for inviting legal cases as affected nurses could actually file labor cases against the perpetuators and against the hospital, in general. Practices of intimidation and bullying are against anti-discrimination law and the hospital could have faced vast litigation cases if all of the victims filed legal cases against them.
Stevens, S. (2002). Nursing Workforce Retention: Challenging A Bullying Culture. Health Affairs, 189-193. Retrieved Read More
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Workplace Issues or Disaster Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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