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Compare, contrast and summarize the information from all 3 article together) - Essay Example

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The study involved analysis of responses from 134 nurses who had already quit the profession. The participants were given the…
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Compare, contrast and summarize the information from all 3 article together)
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Extract of sample "Compare, contrast and summarize the information from all 3 article together)"

Download file to see previous pages ve perception of the nursing profession and unsatisfactory working conditions particularly played a critical role in influencing the decisions for most nurses to leave the nursing field. From the study findings, Gok and Kicaman (2011) concluded that strategies aimed at addressing the high turnover rates in nursing needed to apply a multidimensional perspective in the improvement of working conditions in the nursing field.
The article by Kalisch, Lee and Rochman (2010), investigates the role of staff and unit characteristics as well as teamwork in influencing job satisfaction among the nursing staff. The study involved 3675 nurses drawn from five hospitals and 80 patient care units who participated in a teamwork survey. The analysis of the survey results revealed a strong association between occupational satisfaction and the levels of teamwork in the working environment. Other factors such as job title, current position, and gender further influenced the levels of job satisfaction in the nursing field. The patient unit in which the nurses served also influenced their levels of job satisfaction. Kalisch, Lee and Rochman (2010) concluded that high levels of teamwork, adequate staffing and the care patient units contribute to enhanced job satisfaction hence the need to promote teamwork in the nursing field.
The article written by Jenaro, Flores, Orgaz, and Cruz (2010) explores the association between work engagement, dedication, assimilation, vigor, and job satisfaction. The study entailed 412 nurses who participated in work engagement surveys, an ad hoc survey and response to general health questions. The study reveals that 65.5% met the criteria for anxiety, 10% for severe depression, and 49% the somatic symptoms criteria (Jenaro, Flores, Orgaz, & Cruz, 2010). About 33% of the participants expressed high dedication, about 20% had high vigor and approximately 36% expressed high absorption (Jenaro, Flores, Orgaz, & Cruz, 2010). The reported levels were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Compare, contrast and summarize the information from 3 article together

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