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Comtemporary nursing issue: Diversity in the nursing work force - Research Paper Example

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Contemporary Nursing Issue: Diversity in the Nursing Work Force Introduction The healthcare industry of this world is changing rapidly owing to the reason of change in demands and needs of the customers (i.e. patients). Notably, the number of patients is increasing quite considerably which further demands for a more enhanced working process prevailing in this sector…
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Comtemporary nursing issue: Diversity in the nursing work force
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Download file to see previous pages The Issue of Diversity in the Nursing Work Force With the changing trends and demands of the healthcare industry, the role of nurses has become quite an important part. Owing to this regard, diversification in nursing workforce is advocated by various healthcare agencies as one of the vital prospects in developing future operations of the healthcare industry. However, there are certain aspects of diversity that impose crucial challenges to the management of different healthcare organizations. It has been noted that diversity in the workforce of nursing can be on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, nationality and culture among others. This facet can further result in causing communication problem, complexity of increased turnover rate, increased conflicts and augmented error in work in the workplace. It can be affirmed that the above depicted aspect not only impacts the operational efficiency of the healthcare organization but also threatens the wellbeing of the patients by a greater degree (Jeffreys, 2008). Thus, owing to these features, diversity in the nursing workforce can be duly considered as an important issue to be discussed. Scope of the Issue The issue concerning nursing workforce diversity has long been witnessed to impose extensive impact upon the healthcare industry. Leaders in this particular industry depict a strong interrelation between diverse nursing workforce and assuring deliverance of effective services to the customers (i.e. patients). However, there are certain critical challenges associated with diversity of nursing workforce in the healthcare that requires be addressing and mitigating by adopting along with executing certain specific measures. The scope of this particular issue can be regarded as quite broader because of the increased level of complexities in the healthcare industry. It is worth mentioning that there certain reasons for which the complexities mainly arise. These reasons comprise ineffective exploitation of accessible resources and lack of capability of the healthcare professionals to deliver quality services to the patients. Laws or Ethical Principles Related To Diversity of Nursing Workforce The activities of nursing workforce generally involve immense responsibility and accountability. In order to ensure conduct of ethical practices in the workplace, the American nursing association developed certain ethical principles that must be followed within the nursing workplace. These ethical principles have been discussed hereunder. Autonomy: Nursing workforce possesses the need for respecting other’s autonomy in their decision making. In this regard, The Patients Self Determination Act of 1990 of the United States depict that people in their end life might not be quite competent enough to take effective decisions, but their right of autonomy cannot be ignored at any given point of time. Owing to this specific factor, nurses should need to treat patients in accordance with their choices (American Nurses Association, n,d.). Beneficence: Nursing workforce should always ensure to deliver positive actions in providing maximum assistance to others (i.e. patient’s). Their approach or conduct should be in serving the best interests or the welfare of the patients. This principle requires the nurses to keep their personal interests aside and devote maximum interest ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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