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Assessment and Diagnosis of Venous Leg Ulcer - Essay Example

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The report is a treatment scenario where an 80-year-old is infected with a leg ulcer disease at her lower limp; it comes to our attention that this wasn’t the last time she was exposed to such a disease but had on previous occasions had some success stories …
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Assessment and Diagnosis of Venous Leg Ulcer
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Download file to see previous pages It is thus important to adopt a good follow up plan to facilitate such an obligation. In order to attain this, all stakeholders ought to cooperate at length to facilitate a turnaround. The report is based on a scenario where an 80-year-old is infected with a leg ulcer disease at her lower limp; it comes to our attention that this wasn’t the last time she was exposed to such a disease but had on previous occasions had some success stories which spanned within a period of about three years in counting. While addressing her current condition a number of considerations had to be made while aiming at providing accurate treatment. This is as highlighted below;
In the event of being infected with a leg ulcer disease, one ought to go to a qualified medical physician for help. This is due to its ability to affect one's health and could as well go out of hand. While carrying out the diagnosis not all physicians qualify; such assessment can only be carried out by those trained in ulcer management. As a result of a regular encounter with similar cases, some are likely to prescribe the best treatment for this disease. The report, however, tends to look at the necessary procedures to be followed while treating a patient with such a disease. Assessment phase helps while checking on how bad the disease could have gone out of hand thus prescribing the best kind of treatment. While the patient could be portraying certain symptoms such features ought to be compared to those already captured pertain the same disease. This is due to it likely to be related thus could as well help in ensuring a good approach is put to task other than employing trial and error method (Sussman & Bates-Jensen, 2007). It is at the Doppler stage that the findings are analyzed at length while checking on how critical the condition could have gone. Several questions are likely to be asked as highlighted. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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