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Venous Leg Ulcer - Essay Example

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Venous leg ulcers correspond to a chronic state follow-on from an inept venous system in the legs, which affects vessel pressures and permeability. unadventurous treatment generally involves judgment, wound dressing changes, external solidity, elevation, and patient education…
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Venous Leg Ulcer
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Extract of sample "Venous Leg Ulcer"

Download file to see previous pages Financial expenditures are also substantial with costs in the United States estimated to be $75 million to $1 billion per year.
Individuals who experience venous leg ulcers place significant demands on health services, particularly community-based agencies. healing is time consuming and lengthened, requiring health care professionals to spotlight on the wound or the branch that is affected by the leg ulcer in providing care. Although this is vital, existing research suggests that a more holistic perceptive of the experience of breathing with a leg ulcer may also be advantageous. Due to the actuality that community health nurses are the major care professionals providing care for this challenging health problem, they have considerable opportunity to impact not just wound healing but also the patient's experience of living with a leg ulcer.
Leg Ulcer Pain, functional restrictions, and emotional suffering have all been recognized as contemporaneous difficulties connected with living with a leg ulcer. classification of these symptoms and their effect on lifestyles may provide important information to improve health outcomes, both from a provider and a patient perspective. Goals of alleviating physical and emotional suffering as well as improving wound healing may contribute to decreasing costs coupled with leg ulcers. Venous leg ulcers, like any unremitting disease, require self-management on the part of the individual. Self-management, in turn, requires knowledge, functional capabilities, and power in order to sustain healing behaviors. This preliminary research study sought to determine if individuals with venous leg ulcers had the necessary knowledge to participate in self-management and whether they were capable of performing the self-management skills that would enhance healing.
Nursing role in curing pain
Nurses, by virtue of their role in the close and continuous care of patients, are privileged to hear the stories of people coping in times of illness, feeling vulnerable and at the mercy of the system. Such stories reveal that the health of a society is more than mortality rates and numbers of surgical interventions and more than clever science. It is about how we support those in our society who are unable to care for themselves so that we have a society in which the quality of life is at least reasonable for as many as possible. This means facing the difficult decisions about redistribution of funding, about what constitutes good health and a healthy society, about who should make the decisions and about whose interests should be served in a health care system. The issues raised in this section are by no means all encompassing of our major social ills and make no claims to be so. They are merely those that claim the attention of nurses today as they work towards addressing how to ensure better outcomes both for individuals and for society. But they can only do this if they are supported by a system with similar values and priorities.
Implementation or Treatment
A report commissioned by the Agency for Health Care and Policy and Research in 1992 found that less than 50% of venous leg ulcer patients reported having adequate pain management in the post-operative period. Studies undertaken in general ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stage 2 mentor programme:Domain 7, evidence based practice : creat a resource which helps students to link evidence based theory with an aspect of practice they will commonly undertake in community/district nursing . Chosen practice is pressure ulcer

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...and 2010, the management of venous leg ulcerations cost the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) an estimated £400 million per year, most of which was spent on community nursing services (Milic, Bogdanovic & Jovanovic 2010, p. 797). Basing on the budget, the disease calls for evidence-based practice (EBP) in its management and this paper will discuss the effectiveness of compression systems for preventing its recurrence and treatment using three sources of evidence. Compression for Preventing Recurrence of Venous Ulcers (Systematic Review from the Cochrane collaboration) This article was chosen because the Cochrane Collaboration is a reputable body in the...
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