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According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that from room 4 mom`s and the Watson theory that Nursing philosophy plays a vital role in medical centers. Philosophy provides or promotes good interrelationship between nurses and their patients. …
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Room 4 Moms Ideas
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Nursing Philosophy
Philosophy like Ethics plays a vital role in institutions offering services, like medications. Nursing has an eminent role in taking care of those with health problems. The role of nurses is to provide services where needed and to the community at large. For health services restoration to be fully offered to individuals, then the first class of services have to be in place. Nurses have to ensure that there is; respect for human dignity, good relationship between nurses and patients respect for the nature of health problems of the patients, privacy and confidentiality of the patients is maintained, and more so, there is a good health environment. Nurses can not achieve all of this attributes unless they have good philosophy that guides them.
It is good to appreciate the efforts put in place by room 4 mom`s. “Thank you for the efforts that you have put in place to offer the best services to your patients.” Jean Watson in his notes about human caring highlights some factors that can help one in caring for their patients. This factors are; ‘formation of humanistic-altruistic system of value, instillation of faith-hope, cultivation of sensitivity to one’s self and to others, development of a help and trust, human caring relationship, promotion and acceptance of the expression of positive attitude, negative feelings, systematic use of a creative problem and solving caring process, promotion of transpersonal teaching and learning, provision for a supportive, protective, or corrective mental, Physical, societal, and spiritual environment, assistance with gratification of human needs and allowance for existential-phenomenological-spiritual forces’ (Watson, 1979). With all this in place then nursing becomes more philosophical, ethical and intellectually outlined.

The room 4 mom`s comes in with the issue of involving ones family in their nursing fields. This gives both the patient and the nurse to have a caring moment within each other. They both come together and share their unique life histories. The coming together in any given moment becomes an inclination point in space and time. During this time, experience and perception takes place, but the moment shared together has a significant impact on the patient. They feel encouraged, and they feel both loved and wanted in the society rather than considering them as liability. The mom`s in room`s 4 believes in Watson`s theory about human caring. Watson at one point in his theory names ‘caring or healing for consciousnesses (Watson, 1979). The personal caring moment of a person is affected by the consciousness of the Nurse. These moments defines the mood of both the patient and the nurse. Consciousness plays the role of; healing, careering, and showing love to the patient and it promotes good interrelationship between the one caring and the one being cared for with others. We should keep in mind that patients are affected both emotionally and physically because of the body disorders; Watson says that the human body is made of three spheres, the body mind and spirit. The healing time and space and the environment created by nurses to patients broadens the patients awareness and realization and therefore, promoting body mind and spirit haling.
It is evident from room 4 mom`s and the Watson theory that Nursing philosophy plays a vital role in medical centers. Philosophy provides or promotes good interrelationship of nurses and their patients. This intern creates a good healing, environment of the patient both physically and psychologically. Therefore, Nurse should embrace nursing philosophy in their works.
Watson, J. (1979). Theory of Human Caring. USA: University of Colorado Press. Read More
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