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20th century art history paper MOMA museum - Essay Example

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Through this human character, sculptures have emanated and erected in places that the audience can view. A change of different times has…
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20th century art history paper MOMA museum
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Download file to see previous pages Kleiner). In the museum, Alberto Giacometti and Marisol work is displayed on the 5th floor of the premises. Alberto Giacometti’s work known as the tall figure III on display in the museum present a different intention from Marisol’s LBJ. Analyses of the two sculptures qualify their similarities and differences depending on the perspectives taken. In the following paper, the sculptures are analyzed according to their size, materials used, placing on the museum gallery and their 360 degrees perspective. The creators’ use of styles and technical pros determine how the message carried by the sculpture is presented and embraced by the audience (Temkin). In the museum, the relationship between the sculpture and the surrounding displays are covered in depth. From this analysis, a personal view on the ideas, presentation and understanding of the writer is presented as a conclusion at the end of the paper. The tall figure III of Alberto Giacometti and Marisol’s LBJ have similarities and differences (Fred S. Kleiner).
Alberto Giacometti was born in Switzerland and started his art work in France. His work started during the pre World War II in Europe. The overall work touches on the nature of the population in Europe between 930 and 1970. It particularly presented the suffering nature of the people of Europe. The tall figure III is one of the renowned works of Alberto Giacometti. A brief history of the sculpture leads to Chase Manhattan bank in New York in early 1960s (Michael Peppiatt). The physical appearance of the sculpture is depicted by its name. The tall figure III is thin, tall and made of bronze. Since being conceived in New York, MoMA kept the sculpture in remembrance of the artist. It is located on the 5th floor of the museum. There are other sculptures by the same artist that features in the same floor. This gives the room ambience view by visitors and brings back the memories of post world war II sufferings. As the artist say, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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