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Cockcroft - Book Report/Review Example

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The aim of the paper “Cockcroft” is to analyze artist’s liberty to show their attitude and emotions. It was most dominant in the post-word war II era and the works revolved around an exceptionally definite geographical location…
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Extract of sample "Cockcroft"

Abstract Expressionism which was an artist movement of the mid 20th century that used many styles and techniques to stress on artist`s liberty to show their attitude and emotions. It was most dominant in the post-word war II era and the works revolved around an exceptionally definite geographical location. These attributes resulted to rivalry as well as dialogue between the young American artists against the European immigrants living in New York. Furthermore, it is noted that in this form of art an artist demonstrates his personality through spontaneity, and he does not paint objects or images but instead it’s the use of brush strokes and color.
As stated in the Cocraft’s essay, this movement had to root itself under the patronage of the powerful for it to gain success. Before the industrial revolution artists had core forces that gained even political power recognition. However, later as academies declined, the gallery system and museums gained fame and recognition. This denied the artists their prime role in influence as these mediums cut off to the extent that they even had very little control on their own work. Museums enlarged their roles and were no longer repository of ancient art but exhibitors of modern-day art as well. This gave them the patronage role, especially in America where they were accountable to themselves as they developed as private institutions; this is so up to date. Moreover, they were founded or had affiliations to the ‘giants of the industries and finance,’ and are governed through board of trustee with primarily prominent citizens. Museums in America can thus be said to have advanced form of contemporary art and this gave rise to The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) (Cockcroft 126). This organization was later very influential on the governance of the county with majority of its directors and members of the board holding major government posts.
Abstract Expressionism form of art was the main tool as it held the characters of emotion and had a sense of freedom. It also emerged at a time when many countries were undergoing revolutions with young minds dominating the political tool (Cockcroft 125). Art having played significant roles in this area was therefore not to be ignored, but it had to have a fresh appeal as well. The brain behind this art movement was the rich Rockefeller family that had its roots even in the successful Chase Manhattan bank. The Rockefellers were also the main influence to the America`s ‘cold war.’ Others were the Whitneys through John Hay Whitney MOMA chairman at the time, who was quoted saying that museums would be used as a tool to educate, inspire, and strengthen the hearts and wills of free men in defense for their own freedom. The other families that controlled the museums were: Parleys, Blisses, Warburgs, and Lewisohns (Cockcroft 126). Through his influence Porter .A. McCray, also a one time MOMA board member and an architect graduate, was famed for his role in the history of cultural imperialism.
The process used by this movement can be said to be transparent as they legitimate art works to influence people as well as their trust funds to expand and plan events even outside Europe. Through these means they were able to even penetrate deeper into the government mechanism and held post in influential departments like the OOS now CIA and the USIA (Cockcroft 129). However, it is noted that they also faced resistance at times from both the government and the citizens.
Works Cited
Cockcroft, Eva. "Abstract Expressionism." Franscina, Francis. Pollock and After:The critical debate. New York: Harper and Row, 1985. 125-132.Print Read More
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Cockcroft Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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