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The Power of Logic and Emotions - Assignment Example

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This paper declares that the articles ‘Don't waste Luke's life’  and  ‘Time to act on thugs’ written by Shane  Mitchell and the editor of Herald Sun respectively are two articles written with an aim of attracting people’s  attention towards important, challenging…
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The Power of Logic and Emotions
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Extract of sample "The Power of Logic and Emotions"

Download file to see previous pages Shane Mitchell’s article creates more impact on the mind of the reader than the editor’s as his article has displayed the qualities of ethos, pathos, and Logos more effectively and has no fallacy.
When an idea or a message is conveyed to people, it has to have a power of logic, reasoning, and emotions to persuade the people to believe the stance that the writer has taken. We will discuss how the two writers have used ethos, pathos, and logos to drive their ideas and what more was needed to make the articles more effective.
Ethos is a set of beliefs and values that human being has as a part of the society and community ( Cockcroft R. and Cockcroft, S. p.19). Your beliefs and the values that you hold plays a strong part in the development of your personality. Hence ‘personality’ and the ‘stance’ you take regarding the social or a personal issue are two main components of the communication that you make with the society.
Shane Mitchell displays an image of a person who cares a lot about the growing violence on the streets of Melbourne and who wants to take actions to eradicate the social problem by actively taking steps towards it. The social stance taken by Shane is that of a responsible and socially aware person by suggesting the need for immediate steps to be taken by the police department to stop the violence and the killings of innocent people on the streets.
Shane’s stance has a power to move the reader emotionally as this stance was developed from the tragic personal incidence in Shane’s life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Power of Logic and Emotions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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