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Reaction or reflection - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Emotions, Stress and Human Relations Sociology is one of the most important disciplines that explain the various behavioral characteristics of human being in the society. It is very fascinating to study the concept of human interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in everyday life…
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Reaction or reflection
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Download file to see previous pages The concept of socialization has to do with mechanisms of interaction among people in the social set up and this significantly defines the emotional position of an individual. Emotion is one of the vital factors that determine an individual’s action in various social environments. It is the force behind the several status of people’s conscience. There is a very close interaction between stress and emotions of an individual. When one develops some sort of emotional instability as a result of perceived potential danger, this amounts to stress (Contrada, Richard and Andrew, 163). The way in which this stress factor is likely to be manifested depends on the influence it has on the emotions which ranges from anxiety, anger, over excitement or nervousness. The onset of stress evokes emotions which in turn influences how one interacts with other people in the society. It is often realized that there are cases where emotions can overshadow conscience this explains the many situations where one act outside the expected norms of the society. Conscience is responsible for logic when taking any action and in the event that it is overwhelmed by emotions, then instincts are the only alternatives with immeasurable consequences. The behavior of people is influenced by internal and external environment and this is the reason behind some habits that can be eliminated through elimination while others must be accommodated. Genetic affiliation is important in determining certain behavioral characteristics of people. On the other hand some traits observed from people’s conduct as they interact are a product of the past interaction with other social environments. In respect to the mechanism of human behavioral development and cognitive ability, frequency of interaction with a given issue greatly influences the mental configuration and retention of information. A case of real life example is the violent media and its impact on the young generation. As the young people grow and interact with the various horror or violent action movies, such concepts are steadily absorbed by the individual and they grow to develop interest in such experiences. It has been observed that such children grow to be very temperamental and care less about the feelings of others. This is one of the greatest negative influence that media is creating in the society through poor understanding of the emotional concept and its role in the actions of a human being. Interaction of one with others defines the future behaviors of the person when interacting with others (Contrada, Richard and Andrew, 162). For instance, peer pressure in youths has been responsible for a number of irrational emotions and subsequent questionable actions. Stress is a sociological sub set of emotions that can significantly affect the direction of interaction of a person with others. Somebody who is stressed will seem to seek relief with a mixed approach. The nature of humanity is that when in a stressful environment and emotionally depressed one will resort to feigned happiness or resort to violence whichever the convenient and feasible approach. It is worth noting that emotions deeply strains ability to make informed judgment against so many issues. Systematic action of the brain in co-ordination of information interpretation is significantly affected by the emotional status of one. It is equally indisputable that at any time of the human life, unless there is state of indifference one must always exhibit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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