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Nursing Issues In Australia - Staff Shortage - Essay Example

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The nurses help patients who are unwell to recover their health. They are a valuable part of the human resource. This is because they take the responsibility of maintaining the quality of health standard (Elder et Al,…
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Nursing Issues In Australia - Staff Shortage
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Download file to see previous pages Projections show that, by the year 2021, twenty three percent of the population in Australia will be over sixty years of age. This has a double implication on the health care system. One, the work force, is shrinking which means a reduction in the number of working nurses. Two, the nation will be facing a high incidence of chronic diseases and degenerative diseases.
The demand of the specialize services of the nurses is increasing at a higher rate than the expansion of the workforce. Most families are not willing or are unable to take care of their aged at home. This put the burden of caring for this population on the health workers (Elder et Al, 2009, p. 137). The social and employment pattern for women is changing. The health workforce especially nursing has predominantly been women. The changing pattern of workforce causing a shortage as the women is opting to work in other sectors.
In Australia, the shortage of nurses is aggravating because of the number of nurses that are departing. As the nurses leave the profession, others are not joining as nurses. The working conditions of the nurses are not favorable causing nurses’ dissatisfaction. When alternative opportunities arise they exist. Further, the recruitment of nurses is low in comparison with the demand. There is a pool of nurses that are not willing to work in the health workforce. This brings an imbalance between the demand and the supply of nurses.
The shortage of nurses is as a result of the number of students training the profession. The institutions that are offering the course have financial constrains (Chaboyer et Al, 2006, p. 467). This limits the admission of students beyond a certain number. The institutions are also suffering from a shortage of educator in the nursing faculties. These limitations lead to a low output of qualified staff. These are part of the contemporary issues affecting the profession of nursing. The nation also experiences a delay in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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