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Issues as a Nurse Manager: A Comparison of Two Case Studies - Research Paper Example

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This paper shall discuss two cases of nurse managers and the issues and problems they encounter in their practice. This paper shall study two cases: one, in the United States and another one in Australia. It shall compare and contrast issues encountered and how nurse managers deal with and resolve these problems and issues. …
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Issues as a Nurse Manager: A Comparison of Two Case Studies
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Download file to see previous pages Nurse managers are often faced with the dilemma of having to continually set aside increasing amounts of finances in order to cover for the training of new recruits who may just leave after a year’s work. Qualified trainers are also hard to come by in the nursing profession; there is also a shortage of nurse educators, hence a shortage of nursing enrolees. Nurse managers are also faced with the challenge of coming up with ways of retaining their original staff members who already have undergone the necessary training needed by the hospital.
Another research has revealed that some of the issues faced by nurse leaders relate to the present focus on specific standards of care, not anymore on the process of caring for the patient. There is also a growing focus on federal reporting of patient satisfaction. These changes “represents explicit accountability for managing and leading the staff responsible for providing the patient care” (Thompson, 2008). These safety and patient satisfaction reports have great weight in acquiring federal funding and government support. This puts too much pressure on nurse managers and nursing staff to attain patient satisfaction. But the attention is not placed much on the importance of the nursing process.
Similar results were revealed in an Australian study which indicated that there are different barriers to clinical leadership that preclude nurse managers from making effective and properly informed decisions.
Budgetary concerns are vital issues for both nurse administrators. These budget concerns are similar with revelations from studies reported in the review of related literature. Budget concerns ultimately affect the hiring of new nurses, acquisition of new and updated medical equipment, salary increases for nursing staff, and the training of new staff. These similarities in issues indicate that the nursing shortage and budgetary concerns are not local or isolated concerns, in fact, they are presently global issues.
The way each administrator deals with the problems and issues are very much different. The American administrator does not have much problem in dealing with the nursing shortage because the centre only caters to patients during weekdays and there are no shift changes in the centre. The salaries of the staff also competently keep up with the expected market wages. In the end they do not have much trouble retaining their staff. In the Australian setting, with more employees on staff, and with more patients to care for, the nurse administrator considers staff shortage a problem in the hospital. She opts to deal with these problems by giving the employees a venue to express their concerns. Her approach in dealing with the problems is by giving the employees a chance to be heard. By opening the lines of communication, the nurse administrator has a good chance of retaining the staff. And the nursing staff knows that solutions to their concerns can be addressed and formulated by the administration. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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