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AIDS Chronicles is a movie that seeks to explore the reasons as to why AIDS is still a problem and also the subpopulations that are especially vulnerable to the condition. It also looks at the problems that these people face at an everyday level. African Americans and people of…
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The AIDS Chronicles Here to Represent
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AIDS Chronicles number AIDS Chronicles AIDS Chronicles is a movie that seeks to explore the reasons as to why AIDS is still a problem and also the subpopulations that are especially vulnerable to the condition. It also looks at the problems that these people face at an everyday level. African Americans and people of Hispanic origin are particularly vulnerable to this condition. Apart from this, the condition of women also needs to be looked into. Fortunately, according to the documentary, awareness is on the increase and people from these communities have taken up the fight in a major way for themselves and others who are fighting against the virus.
The major threat that AIDS poses is that of the isolation that is faced by those who are HIV positive. The stigma that is associated with the disease is sometimes compounded by the edicts that are a part of religion that only makes the lives of those that are affected miserable. This leads to a fear among those who are affected. The fear in turn, leads to a certain amount of reluctance on the part of the affected and their families to talk about it.
This in turn, leads one to analyse the need for awareness among common people. Very few among the communities that are affected in a major way are aware of the pitfalls that are associated with substance abuse and unsafe sex. These lead to unhealthy and reckless practices during periods of people’s lives when they are unable to take decisions that are sound. Unfortunately, these decisions threaten the health of the person till a very long time and the threat of poor health that AIDS once posed is still very much there. The need for medication is often not addressed. Even people who are aware do not take proper care because of the fact that specialized medical care is not ubiquitous.
Deepening the financial divides in the community is another problem that is caused by AIDS. The financial problems that are faced by poor African Americans are compounded by the problems that they face due to AIDS. Poor financial conditions are almost always synonymous with lesser awareness as is seen from the large number of infections among African Americans. The threat that this poses to the integrity of the nation cannot be ignored.
There are many ways in which education can be provided to vulnerable sections of the society, making them aware of the problems that are associated with AIDS. This is important since it would be important not only for people who are affected but also for those who aren’t. This would not only reduce the risk of infections but also enable the ones who are affected to live a life of dignity. The fear that is a part of their existence at present could be eradicated as the stigma that is associated with them could be erased. Children too should be made aware of AIDS as a part of the school curriculum, something that could accelerate the fight against AIDS and lead to the creation of a better society.
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