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Uncover/critically examine a film or television program - Essay Example

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Their vast influence in modern society shape history. They mold the people; reflect who they are to know where they are headed to. Films discuss issues, they define their culture and their generation.
Quoting Katzman…
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Uncover/critically examine a film or television program
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Extract of sample "Uncover/critically examine a film or television program"

Download file to see previous pages The scenes flipped fast depicting the interwoven journeys of three different women who existed in there different generations. To bridge the gaps of time, the movie uses the book Mr. Dollaway as the common denominator of their stories. The story is about the seeking for the lost part of their lives, and their limited response to the opposing forces which they could not control.
The film narrative is a representation of the role of women determine by the society, and extends to gender equality, heteronormativity, response to illness like Aids, marriage, motherhood, labor, broken relationships, family binds, satisfaction, and each women’s right to pursue the happiness they deserve.
Women can easily identify with the movie for it speaks to them and for them. It is also intended for wide reach of audience as to define how American culture perceives women changes through times. It is written by a man who understands deeply the struggles of women and look at them as universal human concerns, needed to be addressed before they’re forgotten.
In modern times, women have taken off their aprons, to step up and join men’s business, taking place different roles which were then solely for gentlemen. These men used to be captain of “economic cultural political and intellectual life” making women less. But even this claim holds true, still there exist a disparity highlighting imbalance and sexual discrimination (Gaido 58).
The maxim that men’s cultural superiority roots from the beginning and therefore never changes, exist in the society. Their dominion in its very sense is not a price of history; it is not earned, nor developed. It is instead a truth set at the beginning, a law, a command of their being (Gaido 58).
The film introduces Virginia Wolf as creative writer who authors the novel Mr. Dollaway. She writes to fight feelings, pain, and sadness. She writes to defeat emotion, and to hide her vulnerability. She convinces his husband to go back to London, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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