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From the paper "BSN Program" it is clear that the BSN program will provide me with a unique platform which will enable me to work together with other geriatric nurse practitioners to improve care to the ageing. With these achievements, I believe I will be able to incorporate my knowledge…
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BSN Program
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Admission Essay to BSN program After completion of my BSN, I like to a legend in the field of Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. This has been my long-term goal. I strongly believe that after completing my BSN, my skills as a geriatric nurse will be improved. For the 8 years, I worked in an internal medicine clinic I was able to develop my interest in becoming a renowned geriatric nurse practitioner. During this time, most of my clientele were elderly people. I realized that there are a lot of issues that revolve around elderly people that need to be articulated accordingly. One of these issues that became of interest to me is the mental and physical changes of elderly people.
I am strongly convinced that studying BSN will give me an opportunity not only to gain knowledge on geriatric nursing, but also serve me with a chance to apply the skills and knowledge achieved to ethically apply it in my nursing practice. Specifically, my study will enable me explore more on changes that occur with aging in the geriatric people (Kazer and Grossman 125). As many people tend to believe that aging is a normal biological occurrence that should not raise any alarm, I find it necessary to keenly focus on how the aging populace can embrace it without being bothered by changes associated with it.
As people enter into old age, a lot of physical and mental changes occur. In this regard, it is necessary to note that these transforms dictates how these people’s lives are affected, as well (Kazer and Grossman 126). For example, since the loss of memory is associated with old age, it is apparent that this has an implication to these people. Some are unable to cope with physical changes. This may include inability to perform daily activities such as mobility, feeding, bathing, among other activities (Kazer and Grossman 128).
Having completed my BSN program, I will emerge as a qualified Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, something that will make my long-term dream come true. After being certified as a WOC nurse, I intend to continue with my masters’ degree in nursing. I will finally work on getting NP certification. BSN program will provide me with a unique platform which will enable me work together with other geriatric nurse practitioners to improve care to the aging. With these achievements, I believe I will be able to incorporate my knowledge of geriatric nursing with that of general nursing care in order to offer my care services to growing aging population.
Works cited:
Kazer, Meredith and Grossman, Sheila. Gerontological nurse practitioner certification review. New York: Springer Pub., 2011. Print. Read More
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