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BSN & MSN Program - Essay Example

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BSN AND MSN Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Abstract I. Introduction The nursing profession like all other occupation professions has a well structured and laid down academic process which involves formulation and actualization of learning programs as well as practices…
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BSN & MSN Program
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the curricula designed for the bachelors degree programs in nursing are quite different from the curricula designed for the masters programs in the same field even though they may be offered in the same institution. This paper analyzes and compares the nursing degree curricula that are used for undergraduate programs as well as for the masters programs in nursing within a university college. Moreover, the paper will evaluate the curricula programs and education outcomes postulated by these designed curricula with an aim of establishing how the undergraduate programs and the postgraduate masters programs in nursing profession build on each other. II. Difference in Outcome and Content The BSN as well as MSN programs have competitive provisions that are all geared towards the production of holistic and competitive nursing professionals. There is little notable difference though between the curricula content and the outcome as shown by the nursing regulatory and management bodies. The visionary track of a nursing education follows through the levels of a generalist, an advanced generalist that is later followed by specialization programs. The generalist nursing education is what is offered at an undergraduate level while the advanced generalists refers to what is offered at the masters level programs. ...
include ‘scholarship for evidence based practice’ ‘liberal education for baccalaureate generalist nursing practice’, and‘basic organizational and systems leadership for quality care and patient safety’ (Anon, 2008). ‘Information management and application of patient care technology, healthcare policy, finance, and regulatory environments’, ‘inter professional communication and collaboration for improving patient health outcomes’ and ‘clinical prevention and population health’(Anon, 2008). Moreover, ‘professionalism and professional values and baccalaureate generalist nursing practice’ (Anon, 2008) form part of these essentials. The major notable difference between these essentials for the undergraduate programs in the contents and the outcomes expected from the courses offered. On the other hand, the masters programs in nursing education equally run on stipulated essentials, which define the elements of the adopted curricula not based of such factors as intended practice settings, focus or major. Masters programs differ in regard to the undergraduates in that they employ programs which are different in content in order to have variations in outcomes. The outcomes for masters programs are professionals who besides practicing can address available gaps in the field. The masters essentials are ‘background for practice from sciences and humanities’, ‘organizational and systems leadership’, ‘quality improvement and safety’ and ‘translating and integrating scholarship into practice’(Anon, 2011). Moreover, ‘informatics and healthcare technologies’, ‘health policy and advocacy’, ‘inter professional collaboration for improving patient and population health outcomes’, ‘clinical prevention and population health for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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BSN & MSN Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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