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Nursing Mentoring Program - Assignment Example

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The basic goal of this mentoring program is to develop a Mentoring Program for nursing staff at the Jackson VAMC. This program will result in increasing the skills and knowledge of the nursing employees. Also, the paper notes one of the evidence is the inclusion of the most relevant literature…
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Nursing Mentoring Program
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Extract of sample "Nursing Mentoring Program"

Download file to see previous pages After evaluation of the career development needs, next objective is to design an evidence-based mentoring program for the career development needs of the nursing staff working at the Jackson VA Medical Center. 
3a. Arrange dialogues and meetings with clinical nurses and other employees working for some other mentoring program at the VA Medical Center in order to have their guidance during the development phase of the program.
 3b. Take suggestions from the mentor and the colleagues for the development of an appropriate mentoring program.
 3c. Review of the evidence-based literature related to the most effective mentoring programs.
 3d. Carry out a detailed research on the effective pairing of mentors and mentee.
 3e. Set specific criteria and develop the mentoring agreement for anyone who wants to serve as a mentor in order to promote quality mentoring.
3a. The inclusion of information obtained through the meetings and dialogues with the clinical nurses and employees along with minutes of the meetings in the clinical journal.
 3b. Making use of relevant information gathered from the mentor and mentoring colleagues in the development of the mentoring program.
 3c. The inclusion of the most recent literature and the annotated bibliography in the project’s PowerPoint presentation.
 3d. The inclusion of the copy of an evidence-based mentoring program in the mentoring project.
 3e. Documentation of results and inclusion of the dates and results of the review of the literature in the clinical journal.
 3f. The inclusion of the copy of mentoring agreements and criteria for mentors and mentees in the clinical journal.

Another objective is to evaluate the learning effectiveness of the student nurses who participated in the mentoring program at the Jackson VA Medical Center.
4a. In order to analyze the learning perceptions of the nurses, conduct an evidence-based literature review on appropriate questions of an assessment tool.
 4b. Review the prepared draft with the mentor and the clinical nurse researcher.
 4c. Consult the procedure of developing an assessment tool for the evaluation of the effectiveness of the mentoring program with the mentor and the clinical nurse researcher.

4c.  Develop an assessment tool not only to assess the efficacy of the mentoring program in meeting the academic needs of nurses but also to review the results of the learning process.
 4d. Evaluate the results by consulting the assessment report with the mentor and the clinical nurse researcher.

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Nursing Mentoring Program Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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