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Classroom Development of Diabetes and Prevention among Nursing Students - Research Paper Example

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 This essay analyses to curb diabetes, strategies need to be put in place aimed at destroying the primary cause of diabetes. This is of relevance to the nursing students since they are involved in the decision-making activities as pertains to diabetes prevention and awareness programs.  …
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Classroom Development of Diabetes and Prevention among Nursing Students
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Extract of sample "Classroom Development of Diabetes and Prevention among Nursing Students"

Download file to see previous pages  Classroom development strategies of preventing diabetes and as a means of creating awareness of diabetes among nursing students will impact decision-making traits in the nursing students. This is since they will be involved in making of pertinent decisions that will serve as implementing strategies to curb the menace of diabetes. This is of relevance to the students since it trains them in the acquisition of skills that will be relevant in their leadership positions in the future. This is attributed to the fact that the escalating trends of risk factors to diabetes call for need to develop new strategies and program. This entails that by the nursing students developing classroom programs of diabetes prevention and awareness, they are contributing to the policies that are required to aid in reducing the prevalence of diabetes (Deshpande, et al., 2008). Policymaking process is a dire necessity in diabetes prevention programs. Consequently, it is a core requirement for any nursing student who aspires to hold a managerial position in his or her career prospects. Classroom development of diabetes prevention and awareness to nursing student is a form of policymaking that the nursing students get exposed to and have the opportunity of practicing. By the nursing students developing classroom development programs, they are able to learn about the components of a policy and the relevant stakeholders in policy formation. This is of relevance to them since in their managerial posts in the nursing profession.; they will be required to formulate policies and this beginner is dire for them. Policy making in diabetes prevention and awareness programs is relevant since it teaches the nursing students of their responsibility in stimulating community action and making the community aware of the role they need to play to bring about change. Policies belong to the people upon whom they are implemented and hence theses people need to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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