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Reflection to ANMC Codes - Assignment Example

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Reflection to ANMC codes Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Date: Reflective nursing is a practice where the care giver takes time to review the events and activities of the day. The nurse is often filled with duties during the day such that at times they forget ever performing some duties to a patient which calls for the need for introduction of reflective nursing practice…
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Reflection to ANMC Codes
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Download file to see previous pages Thus the use of reflective nursing practice has been associated with the positive improvement in the practice and attitude of the nurses’ hence better care is provided (James and Freshwater, 2005). Professional practice Nursing students are trained through apprenticeship as they are taught the skills in a classroom setup before they are shown how to use them in care giving. The practice of the nursing knowledge and skills is done in a hospital setup under the guidance of an instructor. The clinical setup has often been a source of reflective ideas towards improvement of individual student in their bid for professionalism (James and Freshwater, 2005). A student during a post-clinical briefing and counseling session disclosed the following event that she finds to have helped him develop professionally. That one day during the normal daily activities a client was admitted into the ward he was. He develop a concern in the reason for the patients admission hence went in to learn more from the history documented about the patient. The history he found was poorly taken hence decided to take his own history from the patient. The patient had been stabilized and was under monitoring. The patient was on infusion antibiotics (penicillin) yet he was developing fever which was spiking. The student found out from the history he got that the patient was allergic to penicillin and hence he could link the spiking fever to a hypersensitivity reaction. He quickly went to the instructors and informed them of his findings hence a corrective action was taken thus the patient was safe and recuperated well (James and Freshwater, 2005). While reflecting on that day’s events, he noted that his concern for the patient and incorporation of his knowledge in the clinical practice helped identify the cause of poor response to medication and hence salvaged the situation. This event helped the student realize the importance of history taking in health care provision and hence a boot towards his professional practices (James and Freshwater, 2005). Critical thinking and analysis Critical thinking and analysis is core to the nursing practice. Critical thinking is the ability to identify a need and develop a solution within the shortest involves analysis of the possible solutions available and picking on the best option at for the good of the patient. A nurse has to continually think critically while handling the different patients with different needs hence analysis skills are very important for the medical practice, the analysis and prioritizing criteria employed is referred to as triage. The triaging process involves critical thinking and analysis of the different conditions the patients are presenting with in order to classify them in order of their need for care and their mortality (James and Freshwater, 2005). A student in the casualty is often faced with psychological trauma when they are expected to identify the patients in order of their needs for consultation. It is difficult to side-line a patient who feels they need urgent care and that their lives are in danger. The triaging process was introduced in the hospitals to provide for a criterion through which the patients may be assessed to determine their urgency for care.This initiative was met with a lot of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflection to ANMC Codes Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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