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The Unwelcoming Educational and Social Milieu - Scholarship Essay Example

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The paper "The Unwelcoming Educational and Social Milieu" discusses that I have the qualities and academic qualifications to be a successful nursing student, and there is no better place than UCLA that I would like to spend my years learning and training as a nurse…
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The Unwelcoming Educational and Social Milieu
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Download file to see previous pages Through adversity, I pursued my desire to help others, learned all that I could from each of my healthcare experiences, and made positive contributions to society through community and volunteer work.
Until the end of 1st grade, I went to a public school located in a part of Queens that was extremely diverse—most of the other children had immigrant parents. It was a great environment to grow up in; however, I went to a new public school for 2nd grade through 6th grade because my family moved to a part of Queens where my neighbours turned out to be racist and unwelcoming. For the first few weeks in our new neighbourhood, eggs were thrown at our house daily. The teachers at the new public elementary school did several things to prevent me from succeeding and receiving the credit I was due for my hard work and talents. According to report cards and other criteria, I was supposed to have been the valedictorian, but because that honor was normally given to a white student, I was passed over. In 6th grade, my English teacher gave me a report card grade that did not match my test and class performance. So my mother, with her limited language skills, brought it to the teacher’s attention. The teacher and principal both ignored my mother, and so my mother spoke with the district superintendent, who investigated and corrected my grade. In retaliation, however, the vice principal of the school barged into my French class one day and asked me to step out in the hallway, where he proceeded to tell me in a hostile manner that my teacher never wanted to see me again. As such, they had decided to pull me from the honors track mid-semester. Because my mother felt that I would further be harmed academically if she reported this, she decided it would be best for me to attend another public school. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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