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What does Castells mean by 'the space of flows' And what relevance might this idea have for processes of globalisation - Essay Example

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Castells discusses the space of flows within the context of an environment which is founded on spatial elements. Space is generally considered an expression of society. This is supported by Castells and other spatial analysts. …
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What does Castells mean by the space of flows And what relevance might this idea have for processes of globalisation
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Extract of sample "What does Castells mean by 'the space of flows' And what relevance might this idea have for processes of globalisation"

Download file to see previous pages This paper now seeks to discuss space of flows based on Castells’ description, including its relevance to the different processes of globalisation. An example will also be developed in order to illustrate this discussion. This paper is being carried out in order to understand the more contemporary application and understanding of space of flows within the context of globalisation and all its related elements. Body As was mentioned above, space is basically a tool in the expression of society (Francke and Ham, 2006). The relationship between space and society is essentially full of complications, mostly because space does not reflect society, instead, it is an expression of society (Castells, 1996). Under this context, space is not a copy of society, instead, it is a mirror of society. Spatial elements are based on the complexities of the greater social constructions. Moreover, social processes impact on space by affecting the created environment drawn from previous societal and spatial elements (Castells, 1996). Space, based on physics cannot be determined beyond the interplay of matter. Social theory discusses that space cannot be evaluated without considering social practices and applications. Castells (1996) assesses space based on material elements and on other material resources, like people, who participate in specific social interactions and social applications. Time and space cannot be evaluated without also considering social actions. Castells (1997) discusses time-sharing social applications and he cites the fact that space considers the practices which take place simultaneously. The distance between material resources and support is no longer essential or significant. Society is built around flows, including the flow of capital resources, of data, of technology, of organizational relations, of images, sounds, as well as symbols (Castells, 1997). Flows, in other words, include various elements within social organizations which manifest the different processes governing people’s lives. Castells (1997) discusses about a spatial form illustrative of social applications which impact and dominate the interactions in society; this is known as the space of flows. Space of flows refers to the “material organization of time-sharing social practices that work through flows” (Francke and Ham, 2006, p. 8). Castells (1997) also discusses flows to be purposeful and repetitive activities of interactions covering physically non-related positions applied by social actors within the various structures of society. This can also be evaluated with the use of various layers and elements of material support which when taken together make up the space of flows. The initial layer which is the initial support for the space of flows is supported by various electronic variables highlighting the material foundations of the resources significant in the interrelated fabric of society (Crang, 2002). This is considered general and tactile support for simultaneous applications and practices. It is considered spatial form in the context of the commercial society or the industrial society. Within the context of interactions, no place can survive in isolation as its position is mostly based on flows (Crang, 2002). Places do not fade into oblivion, however their existence is often incorporated into the network. Technological resources which support the network also support the new space. The second layer in the space of flow ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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