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Immigration and Employment - Essay Example

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Canada is highly recognized as a culturally varied nation which puts emphasis on the concept of "the mosaic". The country encompasses different inhabitants from diverse backgrounds who show strong loyalty towards the country, at the same time preserving their own cultural heritage…
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Immigration and Employment
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First it is important that we defined both terms as used, "cultural mosaic" is mostly used to refer to multiculturalism that is used to mean many diverse culture in a place or in an area where diverse culture relates together peacefully. the concept is used to contrast the melting pot term which is used to imply the "ingredients" in the pot which are people with diverse cultures melting together to fuse and form one identity. The two ideas are very different from each other, however the Canadian concept is seen as a more positive especially when it comes to employment and immigrants working in the country. (Castle & Miller, 2003)
Canada is a country which is obviously multicultural due to many immigrants that have immigrated to the country over the years. Canada is well known all over the world for being among the most liberal, democratic and welcoming countries in the whole world. It's as a vibrant mosaic of diverse culture where different people resides and work together peaceful. It is estimated that 16% of the total Canadian population of 30 million are first-generation immigrants. The Canadian government is dedicated to a guiding principle of diversity which is designed to preserve and improve the diverse cultural heritage of the Canadians, whilst attempting to attain equality in the social, cultural political and economic issues of Canada. (Castle & Miller, 2003)
The "melting pot" is designed to imply homogeneous society development where people with diverse cultural backgrounds are put together to create a multi-ethnic society.
as Northrop Frye a literary philosopher observes, Canadian students have been conditioned from the early stage to think of themselves as citizen of a nation with uncertain identity, with a unclear past and a dangerous future on the other hand children in America are conditioned from very early stage to believe in themselves that they are citizens of a the greatest nation in the world. (Castle & Miller, 2003)
Many people who have settled in Canada and America always have some kind of reference about the two countries. While those settled in the United States talk of the similarities they share those in Canada talk about the differences. Probably this is because of the in the United States people are expected to adopt to the culture in the United States while in Canada people are the Canadian respect and value the differences. Canada has always been a mosaic country, as explained by sociology historian Castle & Miller (2003) who termed Canada as "a vertical mosaic" and the mosaic term keeps being used because immigrants are encouraged to maintain their culture when in the country.
Though both countries have a history of immigrants the two countries have had different policies towards same issues. In the beginning American believed in creating a nation which favoured unity and individual rights, where unity of the nation was more important than the diversity of individuals. While in Canada the country encouraged a system which was based on ethnic particularly with the emphasis of the French culture and French language. (Castle & Miller, 2003)
Effects on employment
As pertaining employment of immigrants in Canada which is a central social issue ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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