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What May Provide a Solution to Increasing Unemployment in the US - Term Paper Example

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The paper "What May Provide a Solution to Increasing Unemployment in the US?" suggests that immigration increases organizational productivity and employment since many immigrants own small businesses and provide jobs for Native Americans, and besides a diverse workforce contributes to innovation…
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What May Provide a Solution to Increasing Unemployment in the US
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Extract of sample "What May Provide a Solution to Increasing Unemployment in the US"

Download file to see previous pages The short and long term implications of immigration laws are imperative for determining employment rates and productivity of the US workforce. In the short run, immigration is said to slightly decrease the employment rates or in other words, increase unemployment rates however the long run implications are positive. The matter has been the center of debate and has affected the US immigration policy greatly. While many try to make a case against reform in US immigration laws, credible sources in the available literature have established that long term impacts of immigration on the US workforce are positive as it enhances labor productivity.
In their opinion article titled More Immigration Means More Jobs for Americans, John Dearie and Courtney Geduldig have given useful statistics that suggest that immigration improves employment as it creates jobs for the common people (n.pag.). It mentions how immigrants make up on a small percent of the total American population yet contribute a significant percentage to the economy by means of small businesses. Because most immigrants are self-employed and own several small scale sole-proprietorships and partnership businesses, they create jobs for the people thereby helping to reducing the unemployment rates. The article offers a slight critique of the current US immigration systems as Republican Paul Ryan himself put it into his own words that the system is “broken” and “indefensible” and hence needs amendments (Dearie and Geduldig, n.pag.). In the article, the authors have tried to establish that immigration, in fact, increase the availability of jobs for the people and hence the US immigration policies may require reforms. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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