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How has globalization affected employment and communities in contemporary Britain Focus on the de-industrialised Greater Glasgow area as discussed in a recent report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation - Essay Example

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In many instances, globalisation has been known to have uneven impact on economies and the various regions. This is not only experienced in different…
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How has globalization affected employment and communities in contemporary Britain Focus on the de-industrialised Greater Glasgow area as discussed in a recent report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation
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Extract of sample "How has globalization affected employment and communities in contemporary Britain Focus on the de-industrialised Greater Glasgow area as discussed in a recent report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation"

Impact of Globalisation in the UK The United Kingdom is one of the countries that have experienced effects of globalisation especially in the realm of employment. In many instances, globalisation has been known to have uneven impact on economies and the various regions. This is not only experienced in different areas but it is also experienced differently within the specified areas. The most prevalent area that has been affected by the globalisation is the Greater Glasgow area in the UK (Hoggart, Campbell-Barr, Ray and Vegeris, 2006:7). Many people experience these effects owing to the uneven distribution of resources to the areas in which they are residing. In the end, this affects the whole economy as communities feel the effects of uneven distribution of resources especially in regards to industrialisation. However, this is not only experienced in Greater Glasgow area but it is the same case in other places like the Heathrow village which is in west London.
First, globalisation has a major impact on migration and labour markets. The migration details are differential in that different places experience different levels of migration. Some people migrate to get to a better place in terms of working places and wages. However, some people are on the receiving end as they are most likely to experience low wages to whichever place they are migrating to in search of a better working environment (Industrial Communities Alliance, 2009:24). Similarly, the labour markets are unevenly distributed. Whereas some labour markets are having an environment that is conducive to some people, other labour markets are offering adverse conditions. Similarly, some labour markets in the area are highly benefiting from globalisation as they are well established. Apparently, some people in this region are experiencing adverse market conditions. This is broadly experienced in the Greater Glasgow area where some individuals and groups are reaping the advantages of globalisation while others are not (MacKinnon, Cumbers, Featherstone, Ince and Strauss, 2011:2). In bizarre instances, some people in the same area are excluded from the labour markets instigated by globalisation. Therefore, some people are benefitting at the plight of others owing to the spread of globalisation.
Inequalities in the Greater Glasgow area have threatened an increased effect from recession to some individuals and groups that reside here. It is considered that while globalisation is intensifying, the marginalised groups will experience harder financial situations. This is owing to the underdevelopment of the already established industries (IPPR, 2010:21). Therefore, the marginalised individuals and groups will continue to face adverse conditions. As such, it deepens the gap between the beneficiaries and the disadvantaged people in the region under study. Similarly, the uneven distribution will continue to pose a negative impact to the marginalised while the individuals and groups that are advantaged will continue to grow.
Unemployment is rife in the areas where negative impacts of globalisation have hit the most as the people are looking for the jobs without much success. This is the case in Greater Glasgow area where employment opportunities are hard to come by (IPPR-CRE, 2007:12). This has created serious repercussions as the unemployed have to look for greener pastures elsewhere. This has pushed most of the people into charity and voluntary work in finding a way to get employment. In countering such instances, most of the people that are unemployed will have to consider low quality jobs which are also scarcely available and which offer relatively low wages. In such a situation, there is reduction in the quality of life where there is inequality in job opportunities and thus consumption levels among individual and families. Therefore, job seekers are finding it hard to get a decent job in Greater Glasgow area.
Hoggart, L., Campbell-Barr, V., Ray, K. & Vegeris, S. (2006) Staying in Work and Moving Up: Evidence from the UK Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) Demonstration, Report no. 381, Department for Work and Pensions Research, London HMSO.
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MacKinnon, D., Cumbers, A., Featherstone, D., Ince, A. & Strauss, K. (March 2011). Globalisation, labour markets and communities in contemporary Britain, London, JRF. Read More
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