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This paper, based on a patient’s case, seeks to explore application of ‘Orem self-care deficit’ theory and its associated evidence based practice.
Mr. Frank reports his reluctance…
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Orem Nursing is a healthcare profession that offers care services to individuals and societies. This paper, based on a patient’s case, seeks to explore application of ‘Orem self-care deficit’ theory and its associated evidence based practice.
Summary of the case
Mr. Frank reports his reluctance to seek medical attention in spite of being urged, for a whole year, by his society that he needs medication for his high blood sugar level. He reinstates his unwillingness to take medications for the complication and further reports his discomfort over using his walking stick that occasionally causes him to fall. He also reports a consistent cold on his feet and a sore on his foot that has refused to heel, factors that forces him to wear protective socks. He further reports occasional passing out but maintains that he is fine.
Problem to be addressed
Mr. Fred’s significant problem that calls for healthcare attention is the ‘non healing sore on his foot.’ This is because even though the patient acknowledges presence of the sores, and the fact that the sores do not indicate a possibility of healing, Fred is still not willing to seek medication. The wound is not healing because of the patient’s high blood sugar level that facilitates growth of bacteria and it is enhanced by poor circulation.
Selected theory
The most applicable theory to the case is the ‘Orem Self Care Deficit,’ theory that integrates “theory of self care, self care deficit theory, and theory of nursing systems” and seeks to empower patients to meet their healthcare needs with little or no assistance from healthcare personnel (Zaccagnini and White, p. 19; Kumar, p. 104- 106).
The Orem theory is applicable to the case that identifies Mr. Fred’s ‘self-care’ deficiency, a factors that prolongs the wound (Nlm, p. 1). I would apply the theory by bridging the care gap to identify practices that would enhance the wound’s healing. I would use my skills as an educator to convince Fred of the need for medication and specialists advice on how to manage the wound. These would facilitate ‘self-efficiency’ and ‘self-reliance’ in his care initiatives (Nlm, p. 1).
Application of evidence based practice
Application of the theory to the case is supported by existing literature that identifies its ability to promote ‘self-care’ among patients. Easom’s exploration of efficiency and its associated barriers among adult’s ‘self-care’ efforts for example identifies the need to break the barriers and promote self reliance as provided for by the theory, an approach that Fred really needs. The author’s review of research findings identifies the benefits of nursing agency in facilitating “self efficacy” (16) and bridging barriers to ‘self-reliance’ through “nurse interventions” (15). Similarly, Leenerts et al established that a developed partnership between a patient and nursing personnel facilitates efficiency in ‘self-care’. These findings form evidence that supports efficiency of the Orem’s theory through developed ‘self-reliance’ among patients. Fred’s case therefore requires nurse specialist’s assistance to advise him on the need of ‘self-care’ and the best self care practices for his case (Leenerts, p. 357- 361).
The ‘Orem ‘self-care’ deficit’ theory, based on its scope and supported by existing research findings, therefore supports its application in the case. In order to bridge the identified care deficit, I would refer Mr. Fred to a podiatrist for foot care and continuous monitoring, and a nutritionist for help on diabetic diet.
Works cited
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