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The education material on healthy eating habits and exercises for children is needed since it gives parents guidance, tips and general information on how to plan for their children diet. The…
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Critique of education material
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Critique of Education material Good eating habits and exercises for children are extremely vital to their growth. The educationmaterial on healthy eating habits and exercises for children is needed since it gives parents guidance, tips and general information on how to plan for their children diet. The content in the material is very appropriate for parents especially those with young children since eating habits should start at a tender age. The written material meets the objectives of the project because it focuses on the need of healthy eating and exercises for children. For instance, parents are required to plan meals for their children basing on their age, sex and depending on how active they are. The material has also given tips for exercises and better eating. It emphasizes on the need of consulting doctors concerning children’s health in general. It is quite clear that the material has provided health education through pictures and graphics. In fact, it has shown how children should exercise and eat appropriate food. Printed material showing how children should engage in physical activities and a critical analysis on how children should feed has been provided. In this case, the printed material portrays a lot on how exercise is a key issue in children lives. Parents with young children are the intended audience for this material. Parents have been advised and given tips on how to provide a healthy diet and plan exercises for their kids. The material has therefore, targeted young parents who are bringing up a family. Parents who are able to read are suitable for this material since the material has wordings and syllables to be contemplated upon. However, those who don’t have reading skills require to be educated upon by a second party. The cultural practices of parents on eating habits are also manipulated when he or she reads the material. In this case, he or she needs to stick to a given diet for the sake of their children’s health regardless of cultural eating habits. For instance, some cultures prohibit pregnant mothers to take some foods which may be nutritious for the baby’s health. If such mothers access this material, they are able to diminish such taboos and stick to the diet suitable for their babies. The material is easy to read and analyze due to its proper display of the wordings and diagrams. The graphics are self explanatory of what it takes for tips on proper diet and exercise. Since it is not written in prose form, punctuation and spelling problems are minimal. It has generally highlighted the key advises on exercise and healthy tips for children’s health. Content in the material is clearly conveyed. Parents who read this material and have young families are well guided upon their children’s health issues. The material captures the reader’s attention due to its attractiveness in terms of graphics, print and color used for the images and highlighting key issues. It is quite evident that, parents who start giving their children healthy foods and exercises at a tender age help their children learn more on habits which are healthy for their lives. Exercise and healthy eating facilitate proper mind and body growth. This is a fundamental aspect in children’s acquisition of skills and knowledge. According to Tinker (1963), readability is either print or hand written material whose quality of language used enables one to quickly understand and comprehend. Readability is determined through analysis of content, graphics, layout and type, cultural appropriateness, and motivation and learning stimulations. Various text properties are selected in terms of syllables and words per sentence then put on a scale that gives grade to readability through test subjects. This material is legible enough thus, can be termed as readable in a number of perspectives. The material’s content is sufficient and adequate to educate parents around the world on matters pertaining children’s health. The material meets some superior factors such as; proper illustrations are adjoined to the text, the wordings have spaces and are not of more than 50 characters, and color used is non-contrasting to the text. Graphics are well displayed to capture one’s attention on health issues. Visual tools such as tables and boxes for graphic layout have been used. Parents engaging their children in exercise are important health aspect which has been elaborated in the material through graphics. Also graphics on suitable types of food for healthy children are displayed. Mothers who are able to read can read the material on their own but those who are unable to read can be educated upon by a second party who has the reading potential. The material has laid the guideline which enables parents to read in steps and predict the content flow. Parents who access this material are stimulated upon to learn the key issues concerned with their children’s health. The material has given an overview on the importance of children’s health. This is a strategy that motivates parents to change their eating habits and provide appropriate diet for their children. They are able to sway from their cultural and religious eating habits with their main focus on their children’s health fitness. Through this material, parents have been advised and persuaded to consider their children’s health care through proper exercise and diet. In conclusion, children are indispensable icons within any given society. Parents should always focus on promoting their children’s health through physical exercises and diet improvement.
Tinker, M. A. (1963). Legibility of Print. Lowa State: Lowa University Press. Read More
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Critique of Education Material Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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