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The Role of the RN in operation room - Essay Example

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Now days, with this rapidly changing time, it is becoming hard to identify specifically the roles of registered nurses from other nurses and technicians profiles. The deficiency of specialized and professional nurses in every role whether it is of licensed practice nurse,…
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The Role of the RN in operation room
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Download file to see previous pages To provide effective care, it is necessary to have some experienced and qualified nurses be placed, as the role is critical and complex. Having an inexperienced non-qualified nurse at this position may yield complexities and inconvenience as only basic education in nursing may not provide the level of experience that role of a registered nurse demands. The paper presents the role of registered nurses in the operation of health care organizations.
RN is a registered nurse who has successfully completed the educational requirements to attain the competencies required for certified practice in nursing. A patient going for a surgery does not expect to have some inexperienced medical practitioner and health professionals in operation room. On the other hand, surgeons also get distracted by any kind of action irreverent with the surgical process and it may implore a freaked reaction in safety of the patient. These situations occur when operation rooms allow registered nurses to take places of licensed practice nurses or anesthesiologist (Lingard et al, 2004, 330; Riley, Manias, 2006, 1541).
Operation room, also referred as Surgical Suite is generally an area in the hospital where surgeries takes place. These are special areas equipped with delicate and expensive apparatuses to provide sufficient support to the medical practitioners to perform their surgeries. The surgeries may range from minor cuts and sewing to major gun shots, transplants and deliveries. Therefore, the team required in an OR must be experienced and competent enough to deliver all phases of care to the patients, handle complications and change of patients’ status and procedures (Sneddon et al, 2006, 255).
Simple surgeries require three key personnel in an OR that are: a surgeon, an experienced registered nurse and an anesthesiologist. Additional support and staff are required on the basis of the type and severity level of surgery. The registered nurse tasks ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role of the RN in Operation Room Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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