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Explain how you could help the family nurse practitioner (FNP) recognize her role in 
better utilizing the diverse workforce that is available in the clinic to meet the needs of 
this client. 

It is important that, as the nursing supervisor for a clinic in this rural…
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PROFESSIONAL ROLES Professional Roles and Values Case Study: A Difficult Pregnancy Word Count: 553 (2 pages) A. Explain how you could help the family nurse practitioner (FNP) recognize her role in 
better utilizing the diverse workforce that is available in the clinic to meet the needs of 
this client. 

1. Discuss when and how to appropriately delegate in this or similar

a. Include in your discussion specified principles from the American
Nurses Association (ANA) and National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) joint 
statement on delegation.
It is important that, as the nursing supervisor for a clinic in this rural community, it is According to the Joint Statement on Delegation (2012), “The RN takes responsibility and accountability for the provision of nursing practice. [Additionally,] [t]he RN directs care and determines the appropriate utilization of any assistant involved in providing direct patient care” (pgh. 2). It is important that, as the FNP, she realizes the seriousness of the situation since Ms. R. is a developmentally disabled woman. She will most likely need lots of added support in order to help raise her child—and support must be gathered quickly, as she is only roughly six (6) weeks away from delivering her child.
B. Develop a staffing plan to help the FNP delegate the appropriate duties to each member 
of the team based on the needs of this client. 

On staff there are many talented individuals who can definitely help this client. The staff nutritionist can assess whether the client is getting enough nutrients and so forth. The LVN can do simple things like take the client’s blood pressure and measure her weight on a scale, and who can also educate the patient about what to expect when the baby is born. She can also possibly help the young woman in terms of learning how to care for her baby, since she won’t have much help. The LVN will also stress the importance of routine prenatal care check-ups. The social worker will help a lot in terms of getting this woman with developmental disabilities the services she needs in order to have some moral support as she delivers her child. The nurse with a BSN in community health can possibly reach out to the young woman’s family members and stress the importance of keeping community and relationships at the forefront of everyone’s mind. The obstetrician can be introduced to Ms. R. so she knows who is going to be helping her possibly deliver her child. All these services will be relevant and helpful to Ms. R., but the key element is to ensure that she does get seen by these various team members in order for her to have the best experience that she can as she becomes a mother.
C. Write an explanation for the FNP in which you do the following: 

1. Explain when it is appropriate for the FNP to refer to another clinic for outside consultation rather than delegating within. 

Ms. W. , the FNP, is definitely most concerned about Ms. R. It seems as though
she is frustrated with the fact that Ms. R. has not followed up properly or been followed up with to boot. Instead of seeking support or seeking outside consultation, this FNP has done a great disservice to her client—as she was obviously not concerned to follow up herself on this case.

2. Explain why a nursing supervisor is still accountable for the delegation process even when the nurse may not have control of delegation. 

The nursing supervisor is still accountable for the delegation process because the supervisor is in charge, regardless of the circumstances. The FNP needs to educate the staff about the situation, mentioning that Ms. R. may now have a UTI which needs to be treated. There must be quality follow-up.
3. Explain why it is important for a nursing supervisor to develop skills associated with 
the authority of delegation.
The nursing supervisor must ensure that she develops skills with the authority of delegation, or the mother might not get the help she so desperately needs. The mother may now have to test for gestational diabetes since she could go into a ketone-induced coma. Ms. R. doesn’t seem to really know what is going on. The responsible FNP might refer Ms. R. to the appropriate social work services if it is agreed upon by various professionals that she might not be able to take care of the baby by herself.
Joint statement on delegation. (2012). Available: .
Rejman, K. (2001). A difficult pregnancy: a nurse practitioner looks for answers. Buffalo, New York:
Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, State University of New York. Read More
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