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Concept analysis in nursing research is conducted in order to familiarize oneself with the variable being researched. Concepts researched in nursing will include health, coping…
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Concept Analysis
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"Concept Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages Concept analysis informs and clarifies nursing practice since it will synthesize isolated pieces of information and help in nursing diagnosis development. Therefore, concept analysis enables a researcher to identify attributes related to a concept in the nursing area such as diagnosis of a disease and enables a proper approach to situations.
Empirical knowledge is based on the assumptions that a nurse can diagnose a situation by assessing it through the physical senses such as touching, seeing and hearing. Empirical knowledge is expressed in practice as competence, which is as a product of research and applying theories (Chinn, & Kramer, 2008).
Aesthetic knowledge is involves understanding the nature of a medical condition, inferring this information and responding to it with a skilled action. It is expressed by the nurse knowing what to do without a lot of deliberation, and is based on the skill of the nurse in the given situation.
Personal knowledge in nursing is based on confidence in the nurse that she knows how to deal with patients and this self-awareness grows with time as the nurse interacts with others. It needs to be integrated with professional responsibilities and is the basis of curative relationship between the nurse and patients.
Ethical knowledge encompasses the moral knowledge of nurses and directs how nurses should interact with their patients. It requires an understanding of social values and requires the nurse to ensure they apply ethical reasoning when dealing with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Concept Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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Concept analysis
...? Concept analysis Concept Analysis A concept relates to an idea or a complicated mental depiction of a phenomenon. Concepts are regarded as essential and pivotal components of theory. Concept analysis is used as an approach to develop a concept. It is often seen to embody concept development and concept clarification. The notion is represented by various approaches which differ primarily in their procedure and rationale. For instances these can be due to different perceptions of an object in literature or the different vantage points it is seen from...
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Concept Analysis the development of the concept. Aims of the analysis The primary aim of this concept analysis is to provide an important insight and critical review of the concept of self care using the methodology of (Walker and Avant, 2010). The other important purpose of this critique is to provide an integrated discussion of the importance of self care in nursing practice using the diverse view points and empirical scientific arguments from different authors. Lastly, the findings of this concept analysis will be important in the future scientific studies regarding the varying abilities of individuals to initiate and sustain self...
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Concept Analysis
...? Concept Analysis of Discharge Instructions Introduction The process of patients discharge from health care facilities is quite complex. This process involves medical practitioners like the physicians, nurses, therapists, and care coordinators (Smith, Fields, & Fernandez, 2010). The discharge process begins once one is admitted and continues throughout his/her stay in the hospital. Upon discharge, the patient or their surrogate is issued with written instructions by the respective medical practitioner. In addition, the practitioner explains in details the contents of the discharge instructions. These instructions provide patients with critical information on how to manage themselves in terms of...
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Concept Analysis
...?Essay Inserts His/Her Inserts Grade Inserts (20 03, Outline Introduction 2. Concept Analysis 3. Conclusion Concept Analysis 1. Introduction. Concept analysis is reputable in nursing research. The motive of a concept analysis is to define the characteristics of a concept together with the internal structure. The structure is grouped into simple parts. Concept analysis has been used to clarify concepts and encourage understanding. Besides giving an operational meaning, concept analysis participates in...
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Concept Analysis
...? Concept Analysis-Compassion Instituition: Background The extremity of nature is largely looked at from the economic or social aspect. Such perspectives are in order as they are geared at the restorative function where effort is taken to ensure a return to normalcy. However, the biggest restorative function is probably one that is never in the limelight. This is the task of ensuring that individual’s health is looked after beyond the apparent return to normalcy. It would be human nature for those charged with the responsibility of looking after the victims to feel alienated as their plight is never addressed. Fortunately, these are steadfast and always find a place for the duty of care as this form the tenets of their profession... of...
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Concept analysis
...Running Head: Concept Analysis An Analysis of the Concept of ‘Caring’ Background The term ‘caring’ denotes a sentiment or showing empathy and a caring manner. In the field of social welfare, ‘caring’ relates to specialized social or medical nursing care or to the practice of providing medical or social care. The popularity of the concept of ‘caring’ can be verified by its numerous applications and meanings. We stumble on several medical practitioners referring to themselves health care providers, with general practitioners calling themselves primary care professionals. Nurses view their task as a caring one. Nursing homes pride themselves on their caring...
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Concept Analysis
...Health literacy Concept Analysis The concept selected for analytical study in this paper is Health Literacy (HL). Clinical outcome variable of healthliteracy is theoretically defined as the ability to perform basic reading and numerical tasks in the health care environment. The topic deals with the suggestion on the importance of the talent to read write and calculate in flourishing healthcare outcome. Health literacy is the skill to comprehend knowledge about health and to utilize those acquaintances to build superior resolutions concerning your physical condition and therapeutic concern. Health information can engulf even populace with superior literacy expertise. Approximately one...
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Concept analysis
...Topic: Concept Analysis of Empowerment Purpose The purpose of this concept analysis is to clarify and identify attributes, antecedents, consequences and empirical referents and relate them directly to mental health nursing and recovery. Current Concept Usage The dictionary defines empowerment as to impart official authority, or delegate authority to someone. Empowerment has been defined in many different disciplines across the board (Barker, 2001). The actual definition of empowerment is hard owing to its application in different disciplines. In nursing context, empowerment is usually defined in the context of nurse-client interaction and is geared...
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Concept Analysis
...Concept Analysis-Comprehension The phenomenon of my interest is the comprehension of discharge instructions. For two years, I havebeen deployed in the emergency department and I have learned that after a patient is ready to go home, he/she is given discharge instructions by the nurse. The purpose of the discharge instructions is to inform patients what they are diagnosed with, how to manage their diagnosis at home, including making alterations in diet and what is to be expected, etc. The nurse is also required to let patients know and understand what symptoms should make them come back to the hospital for more profound medical assistance. Last but not least, the nurse should inform patients about their...
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Concept Analysis
...Introduction There are several nursing concepts that are used to relay feelings, meaning and understanding to other nursing profession. In this case,the concept includes one or two words that have coded meaning that can only be understood by professional s with nursing background. When it comes to nursing concept analysis, it involves the exercise intended to make researchers, students and other persons with interests in nursing familiar with the concept and its variables. The significant of concept analysis is basically to place students in the nursing environment; to start reasoning within various nursing terminologies...
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