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This assignment paper conducts a case study on mental health. From the case study, an assessment and a care plan are designed and implemented. The author gives an evaluation after the assessment and care plan are done to meet the patient's needs. The author achieves this by identifying health problems. …
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Mental Health Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages Confidentiality is important and therefore I will not expose the identity of my patient, I will identify her as Janet (not her real name). This is because the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) code of conduct stipulates that people’s rights to confidentiality must be respected by professional nurses while giving health care. For that reason, nurses should explain to the client how and why information concerning their health is shared by healthcare professionals involved in the particular client’s health. As a result, good communication amongst healthcare professional facilitates understanding and working relationship between them (Goldsmith, 2011). Janet has a problem of increasing low mood. I will implement nursing interventions such as cognitive behavior therapy, interpersonal therapy behavior therapy, mindful-based cognitive therapy, medical intervention, and support. In addition, I will define care planning and discuss its significance. Moreover, the biopsychosocial model together with a recovery framework is incorporated in the delivery of the client's health care. This paper will be informed by the use of relevant references from books and journals. 2. Care Planning 2.1. Needs The case regards Janet who is about to complete her studies in engineering. She is twenty-two years and originates from Britain. Her free time is spent in the gym and cycling. She does not get along with her three roommates. The recent past shows that her mood is low; concentration is low, has no appetite and lacks sleep. Besides being unable to follow routine activities, her performance in class is dwindling after losing interest in learning. The physician prescribed antidepressants after diagnosing her with depression. The mental health nurse can use nursing intervention to assist the client recover from depression. The depression has caused the problem of low mood. A number of interventions that are useful for recovery have been identified and will be implemented in a care plan. Therefore Janet’s needs and problems are low mood low appetite poor relationships low concentration lack of sleep no interest in studies unable to follow routine Depression is a mood disorder which manifests in different ways for different people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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