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Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: Paranoid Schizophrenia - Term Paper Example

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A paper "Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: Paranoid Schizophrenia" outlines that patients who suffer from such conditions are born normal, they, later on, develop some form of withdrawal as they behave as if they are alarmed and depressed about certain normal conditions…
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Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: Paranoid Schizophrenia
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Download file to see previous pages They, later on, develop some form of withdrawal as they behave as if they are alarmed and depressed about certain normal conditions by experiencing their own hallucinations (Hersen, 2011). As a mental condition, paranoid schizophrenia changes an individual perspective of different ideas and focuses on an indication that occurrence of paranoid schizophrenia as one of the DSM-IV disorders experienced significantly has lower incidences (Barlow, 2012). Nonetheless, research on cases reported related to diagnosed and treated cases of paranoid schizophrenia shows that the incidence of the occurrence of the mental disorder is higher in males as compared to the females who live in urban communities and among migrants. More significantly, the occurrence of paranoid schizophrenia has been associated with individuals who are most likely in their adolescence stages as the most common time of onset amongst males patients is between eighteen and twenty-five years while among female patients, it is between twenty-five years to mid-thirties (Tasman et al., 2007). More than often, cases of mental disorder such as paranoid schizophrenia are associated with considerable personal, mental and social disruption. More significantly, health care physicians who deal with conditions of paranoid schizophrenia associates the mental disorder with a severe disturbance in an individual’s mental logical condition, personality and behavioral tendencies (Rotenstein et al., 2007). Over the years, paranoid schizophrenia has been classified as a DSM-IV disorder. This is because it is a long-term disorder that affects all interpersonal situations of an individual especially when it is not treated earlier. Majority of people suffering from this disorder tends to have a consistent mental disorder that affects the way individual’s think, talk and behave, as they relate to other people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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